It was a good day for both Hirokazu Koreeda’s Palme d’Or winner “Shoplifters” as well as Kazuya Shiraishi’s crime thriller “The Blood of Wolves” who both managed to clean up at the 42nd Japan Academy Awards.

For a second year running, a Koreeda film managed to win most awards on the night, with “Shoplifters” picking up a total of eight awards.

The other big winner of the night was “The Blood of Wolves”, which, despite fierce competition in most of the categories in won in from Shoplifters” and others, managed to pick up an impressive four awards, including two for its male leading duo. The other two films to get a look-in were Mamoru Hosoda’s “Mirai” and Shinichiru Ueda’s “One Cut of the Dead“.

Check out all the winners below:S

BEST FILM: Shoplifters (Hirokazu Koreeda)

BEST ANIMATED FILM: Mirai (Mamoru Hosoda)

BEST DIRECTOR: Hirokazu Koreeda (Shoplifters)

BEST SCREENPLAY: Hirokazu Koreeda (Shoplifters)

BEST ACTOR: Koji Yakusho (The Blood of Wolves)

BEST ACTRESS: Sakura Ando (Shoplifters)

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Tori Matsuzaka (The Blood of Wolves)

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Kiki Kirin (Shoplifters)

BEST MUSIC: Haruomi Hosono (Shoplifters)

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Ryuto Kondo (Shoplifters)

BEST LIGHTING DIRECTION: Isamu Fujii (Shoplifters)

BEST ART DIRECTION: Tsumotu Imamura (The Blood of Wolves)

BEST SOUND RECORDING: Kazuharu Urata (The Blood of Wolves)

BEST FILM EDITING: Shinichirou Ueda (One Cut of the Dead)

NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR: Moka Kamishiraishi (A Forest of Wool and Steel), Shuri (Love At Least), Yurina Hirate (Hibiki), Kyoko Yoshine (Kasane, Samurai’s Promise), Kentaro (Cafe Funiculi Funicula), Taishi Nakagawa (Kids on the Slope, Lock-On Love), Ryo Narita (Stolen Identity, The Antique), Ryo Yoshizawa (River’s Edge)


SPECIAL AWARD FROM THE ASSOCIATION: Yasuo Otsuka (animator), Tadashi Kanada (still photography), Tsutomu Sakurai (producer), Keisuke Chiyoda (costuming)

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD FROM THE CHAIRMAN: Mariko Okada (actress and producer), Keiko Kishi (actress), Junya Sato (director and screenwriter), Kiju Yoshida (director and screenwriter)

SPECIAL AWARD FROM THE CHAIRMAN: Isao Takahata (animation director), Yuriko Hoshi (actress), Masahito Tsugawa (actor), Kirin Kiki (actress), Sadaji Yoshida (cinematographer), Mitsuru Kurosawa (producer)

POPULARITY AWARDS: One Cut of the Dead (Movie), Kentaro (Actor)