Chinese director David Lam has completed his most recent production “P Storm”. The action film is the fourth in the “Storm” series with the first entry “Z Storm” being released back in 2014. The film stars Louis Koo, (“Paradox“, “The White Storm”) who reprises his role as Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) investigator William Luk.

“P Storm” is set for theatrical releases on April 4th. CMC Pictures has provided a trailer in anticipation of the release, and can be viewed below.


The Independent Commission Against Corruption received the real name report from the reporter Liao Yuping (Zhou Xiuna), reporting that the second generation of Cao Yuanyuan (Lin Feng ornaments) who was in jail was suspected of bribery in prison. Shen Jiquan (Tan Yaowen) and the correctional officer, Chief Investigation Officer Lu Zhilian (Gu Tianlian) ) decided to go deep into the tiger’s den, lying in prison. In the prison, the former police chief Huang Wenbin (Lin Jiadong) and Cao Yuanyuan, who were sent to prison by Lu Zhilian, became a raging fire. Lu Zhilian took the opportunity to gain confidence in Cao Yuanyuan. At the same time, the Chief Investigator of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, Cheng Deming (Zheng Jiaying) and the Director of the Action Department of the Domestic Anti-Corruption Bureau, Hong Liang (Ding Haifeng) also joined forces with Lu and Hong Kong to work together to finally crack the corruption and bribery case. (CMC Pictures)

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