Dragon Ball has added another chapter to its ever-expanding universe with the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie last January. The latest film by Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation formally introduced Broly, a fan favorite from several non-cannon Dragon Ball Z movies in the 90s, to the main storyline.

As any Dragon Ball fan would know, Broly is also a saiyan warrior whose power threshold far exceeds other than any DB mortal fighters not named Goku, and probablyJiren. In short, Broly is a scary powerful guy, and it’s nice to see Dragon Ball creator introducing yet another overpowered character who can add another dimension to the series moving forward.

Now, let’s see how Dragon Ball would evolve from here. Right now, speculations are running rampant that Broly could be mainstay character of the new Dragon Ball series, the successor to the highly-successful Dragon Ball Super Anime series.

Gohan’s Reaching New Heights Against Moro

If you are reading the Dragon Ball Super Manga by Toyotaro(the protégé of Toriyama), you probably know that there’s a new big bad villain in the series. Moro, the planet eater, is looking like a really intimidating opponent for Goku and the crew. Apart that his character is already terrifying, Moro’s abilities are just beyond comprehension. The master sorcerer has a wide range of offensive attacks such as telekinesis, ki blast, and electric shocks. But the most fearsome of all Moro’s powers is draining life, which means he pipes the energy of all life forms in a planet and converts it into his own.

So far, Moro has been a handful against Goku and Vegeta to the extent that our heroes are now running out of ways to defeat the evil sorcerer. With the two strongest saiyans being pushed to their limit, the situation calls for the help of Gohan, the eldest son of Goku.

It’s easily to say the Gohan’s character development stagnated ever since the Cell Saga. When Dragon Ball Super was released, millions of Gohan fans hoped that the series would feature more of the forgotten saiyan, but sadly Gohan was once again buried in the storyline.

In the Galactic Patrol Saga, Gohan deserves to have his moment where he finally steps out of the shadow of his father and becomes the savior of the universe. Of course, he could only do that by going past his current battle power limit. Right now, Gohan can only attain Super Saiyan 2 and the Mystic Form, which is just the equivalent of Goku’s Super Saiyan 3. In order to defeat a powerful being like Moro, Gohan needs to evolve and by evolve we mean reaching a new power level. It’s about time for Gohan to get a “God Ki” just like Goku, Vegeta and Trunks attained in the previous arc. By acquiring the power of the God, Gohan would be able to match Moro’s raw strength. We are not talking about Super Saiyan Blue here. Gohanmight transcend that state and achieve even greater feat. Goku might have mastered the ultra-instinct, but Gohan would be the one giving the most fatal blow to Moro, all thanks to his new form.

Then again, this is only a theory, nothing more, nothing less. However, for a franchise that has become too much dependent on Goku, it really needs a breath of fresh air to make product intriguing again. Yes, Broly’s formal entry into the DBS universe brings something different on the table. Yet, it feels like the same old Dragon Ball troupe. New big bad villain comes and Goku saves the show. The series has turned monotonous. Goku keeps on improving and improving, like an invincible racehorse while the other characters were left in the dust. This is the reason why Gohan should be the main protagonist of this arc. A charging Gohan on a kame-kameha pose would not only bring nostalgia of that furious battle with Cell but it would also represent a changing of the guard for the DBS franchise.