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You got this great idea of a play script, possibly a strong idea. You wish to develop it to a dramatic or a comedic storyline but how? Even though you wish to dive direct to writing, planning your storyline can make your storyline much stronger.

When it comes to writing a Korean drama, things seem to turn to a different angle. First, you have to understand what makes a play a popular Kdrama. Usually, their dramas focus on family theme and are aimed at a female audience. As it is prevalent with Korean culture, expect to custom Asian filial piety value and respect for seniors.

When developing your play, write your first draft by outlining your structure and brainstorming your narrative. This way writing your play will be far less a daunting task. When you are required to handle an essay writing task on Kdramass screenwriting as an assignment in school, such a topic can be hard to tackle. And the question that most students frequently ask is who can I trust to write my essay on KDramass Screenplays Writing? However, there are various options you can consider, but the most recommendable is to hire writing services from reliable online tutors.

Nevertheless, in the case where you wish to write your own script, you can be sure it will be a fulfilling task. For your script to make it to top 10 Korean dramas, here are the necessary tropes you will need to include in your writing;

  1. A Female Protagonist

When it comes to writing Korean dramas a protagonist is usually a female.

In many cases, the heroine is pluckier and possesses a great determination that enables her to survive. You need to ensure that the audience has to sympathize with her situation; thus the protagonist should never be overly clingy or annoying.  You need to reserve that role for the love rival. When life will through pitfalls, ensure the heroine give her some spunk by making sure she is not a victim for comic relief. Although some drama writers have gotten away with it, do not make any distress moment quite soon. This shows that the heroine doesn’t know how to take charge of her life.

  • Incorporate Two or More Love Interests

The main one will be a rich lonely kid. He could be a spoilt child with affectionate parent and in need of an ordinary girl who will be standing up for him. Or he could be only trying to retain a jerk façade in front of his awkwardly demanding and perfect parent. Discovering the new found heart of gold from a jerk is the main part of romance as he is now able to see the good in people as well as the brighter side of life thanks to his new heroine girlfriend.

Usually, the other love interest is the dogged nice guy who possesses the caring brotherly instinct to the heroine. Along the way, he will be offering a helping hand, lending her a shoulder to cry on and telling her the correct thing to do every time problems arise. Unfortunately, the heroine will be just thinking that the friendship they have is a brother/sister relationship or they are only good friends, not aware that he wishes their friendship to be more than that. In the end, his effort is unreciprocated as he will selflessly realize that the heroine is in love with someone else and will give up.

  • Include a Big Bad

Usually, the series big bad is a female who could be a vicious mother in law or scheming stepmother who wishes to seize money, power or both. Also, it could be a love rival in waiting as the heroine gets the man. Her interest is to inveigle the man get rid of love rivals or mesmerize the primary benefit. Big bad is mainly motivated by love, money or ambition and may not necessarily be female.

Here are four famous drama writers who have been able to corporate such troops in their wring and came up with great screenplay writing;

  1. Lee Woo-Jung

Lee Woo-Jung portrays a high strength of a drama writer. With her creativity, she has made many readers cry both tears of joy and pain. Most of them are tears of empathy with the way she portrays familial love and growing pain. With “Answer Me 1997” Lee shared universal twinges of being young and lost, she clearly shows us a pop-culture of that time. The love triangle in her 1994 and 1988 “Answer Me” is what makes people more concerning her dramas. Each season stands out with the signatures being sentiment, heart or humor.

  • Kim Eun-hee

With her competency in mixing thrilling procedural elements, Kim Eun-hee has written two comedic mysteries- one with her husband Jang Hang-Joon knows as “signal” and the other Harvest Villa on her own. She portrayed her creativity when she created a strong premise that was sustained by a sturdy brook of anticipation. On “signal,” she portrays danger so real and present.

  • Song Jae-Jung

In K-dramas, some of the many criticisms are the general reluctance; being so risky, too different or too adventurous and the recycling of storylines. What makes Song Jae-Jung writing shine is the incorporation of a very innovative way. She is open to trying new things such as fiddling with the structure, chiming with the spokes and reinventing the wheel. In a very different way, she wrote “Nine” in a different way. One character could go back to history to change it while facing a lot of resistance. Ambitiously, she created a new world where dimensional cartoon was becoming sentiment as they travel to the real world. Her competence to expand world boundaries continually shows a fearless resilience to play with characters successfully.

  •  Noh Hee-Kyung

In the two decades, she has built her career in writing, Noh Hee-Kyung has shown her creativity in coming up with a realistic character that isn’t simple at the beginning. She wins when it comes to connecting with people’s hearts through her previous dramas and characters. She has the ability to bring us the emotions of the characters making the dramas so gripping and resonant- not because of her dramatic plotting but because of her ability to find comedy in ordinary life.