On 26 April 2019 Cheng Cheng Films will release “The Great Buddha+” on physical media. The bonus features will include the original short film by director Hsin-Yao Huang along with a trailer and a making-of.

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Underlining the gap between have-nots’ lives and elites’ world by switching between black and white and glamorous colors, Taiwan’s 91st OSCARS® entry THE GREAT BUDDHA+ vividly illustrates a corrupted village in rural southern Taiwan with memorable style, heartfelt empathy, and whimsical humor. Security guard Pickle and his trash collector friend Belly Button kill time together in night shifts watching the American-educated boss’s dash-cam recordings of his various sexual encounters with women. Against the buddies’ will, something horrifying rather than erotic reveals.

Press Quotes:

Best Directorial Debuts of 2018″
“50 Most Overlooked Films of 2018″
Best Films of 2018″
-The Film Stage

“Top 10 Highest Rated Non-English Language 2018″
“Top 10 Ones to Watch 2018″
-Letterboxd Year in Review

“As savagely satirical as it is gorgeously surreal, “The Great Buddha+” is something else again — an outrageous, poignant punk Taiwanese black comedy marking the feature arrival of fresh filmmaking talent Huang Hsin-Yao.”
—Los Angeles Times

“It is these symbols and technical devices that show the strength of the filmmaking. And the humor…his film has farcical elements that cannot be denied. It is a very dark satire, an art house film that swings from the absurd to the hilarious, from the odd to the bittersweet

Weirdly inventive and unconventionally compassionate…Huang has shown his observational eye for delivering devilishly glib realities.”
Screen Anarchy

“…one would feel intimidated by the fear of failing to recognize the Next Big Thing+
InSite Magazine

You can pre-order your copy via Cheng Cheng Films or Amazon.

Ever since I watched Takeshi Kitano's "Hana-Bi" for the first time (and many times after that) I have been a cinephile. While much can be said about the technical aspects of film, coming from a small town in Germany, I cherish the notion of art showing its audience something which one does normally avoid, neglect or is unable to see for many different reasons. Often the stories told in films have helped me understand, discover and connect to something new which is a concept I would like to convey in the way I talk and write about films. Thus, I try to include some info on the background of each film as well as a short analysis (without spoilers, of course), an approach which should reflect the context of a work of art no matter what genre, director or cast. In the end, I hope to pass on my joy of watching film and talking about it.