Every day always provides the most relevant lessons. Therefore, whatever you learn should sharpen your brain and equip you with useful knowledge for future application. Asian countries have a history of making movies that are influential in the academic fields and the entertainment industry in general. Here are some of the good films to watch from Asia that are worth to buy and watch with your dearest.

  • Summer At Grandpa’s

This movie highlights the difference between urban and rural areas. In this film, screenwriter-novelist Chu Tien-wen tells a story of how children from the city to upcountry for their holidays. He shows how they meet new friends and start to play together. In the movie, the writer highlights crucial moments for children from all settings and how they try to synchronize their different standards to achieve a common. Therefore, while watching the movie, it helps scholars to understand the importance of diversity and how it can enhance essay writing. Additionally, it indicates that those with limited resources still have an opportunity to pay or seek assistance from others with relevant materials and improve their UK standards.

  • The Propaganda Game

Imagine that you have an assignment of writing an essay about the North Korean government but nobody wants to help you get all the material you need for the paper. Don’t get worried. The Propaganda Game is the film you need. It gives you all the essay help, as professional as essay help from writing service UK.Edubirdie, you require as it focuses on exposing the North Korean government without filtering anything. The writers show the role of media and how things run under the watch of elected stewards. In this film, the bystanders/ citizens understand how the government operates and what happens behind the scenes. The writer shows how giving media an opportunity to speak is essential for all-round growth of a nation.

  • At The Height Of Summer

This is a story of three sisters who have to go through so much during their summer. The movie begins with their commemorating the anniversary of their mother’s death. This Japanese film escalates as Quynh Nguyen tries to juggle through several responsibilities from being a café owner to a mother. The film gets better as girls keep discovering various challenges in the month. Therefore, when you watch this movie, you not only get to relate to the struggles of the characters but also get to know how young girls face challenges as they grow. Additionally, ‘At the Height of Summer’ gives hope to people who go through a lot in life and shows the importance of hanging on regardless of how life strikes.

  • My Life As Mcdull

This is a legendary story from 2001. McDull is a kid that goes through numerous transitions in life at a quest of becoming a better person. He has a droll speaking voice that articulates modern Hong Kong through loopy songs. In this film, as McDull goes through different faces of life, he still stands motivated as a typical kid as gives viewers a reason to preserve while going through challenges.

  • Myanmar

If you want to get something useful from Asia that is worth your time, Myanmar (Lifting the Curtain) is all you need on your screen. In this documentary, the scriptwriter unmasks proceedings of inside a country that has been isolated for decades. It features an interview with Aung San Suu Kyi only a few minutes after her release arrest. With watching the documentary, you will get a glimpse of what happens behind the screens. This film concentrates on giving its viewers detailed information on how the government executes its power and ensures that it puts its house in order regardless of how people react to their operations. A worthy film spent over two years of shooting to ensure that it covers all the necessary information for the people.

  • Ong-Bak

Its all about fighting for a cause and being motivated to achieve your dream. In this film, the writer speaks of a young man who uses combat skills to retrieve the stolen head of an ancient Buddha statue. Tony Jaa takes on the role of safeguarding his village by ensuring that he gets home with the stolen head. He goes through a lot and fights with various people before finally managing to get to the bottom of his search. The writer introduces a caning character as Jaa’s cousin who uses an actor’s skills for his selfish gain although he promises to assist him with searching for Buddha’s head. However, due to the prayers of his village people, Tony Jaa exhibits exceptional skills in Thai martial arts that enables him to keep his oppressors in their place. Finally, he retrieves the head and travels back home with it hence saving the lives of people with his heroic actions. Being among the best old films, Ong-Bak guarantees to enhance self-motivation and the ability to thrive through hardships.


Each of the above films you have to watch is worth your time whether you are a student of looking for something to entertain you. All the Asian characters in the movies mentioned above have the determination and inner power that drives them towards achieving their goals.