Japanese director Makoto Shinkai has entered post-production on his most recent film “Weathering With You”. Shinkai became a household name among film fans after breaking box office records, and receiving international critical acclaim, with his previous production “Your Name”.

“Weathering with you” is set for theatrical release in Japan on July, 2019. The film has not yet been confirmed for an international release. Toho has released a trailer in anticipation of the theatrical release and can be viewed below.


The movie is about a boy and a girl who get their destinies messed around with during the era when the balance of the weather gets messy. Hotaka Morisaki, a high school student who ran out of the house in a solitary island in Japan, meets Hina Amano, a girl in Tokyo with a mysterious power who can make the weather sunny just by “praying.” (MyAnimeLIst)