Some love stories define the victory of love. Some define the value of love. Some define the underneath passion that make love last for ever. Some love stories end in desolation and only the melancholia remains. But “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” tells a story of love where the loser is always the winner and it’s nothing but the narrative of “one sided love story”.

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Ayan (Ranbir) meets Alizeh (Anushka) in a bar and falls for her. And it’s love at first sight for Ayan. They are new generation lovers, so both are into bed in a whisker. But Ayan is in pure love, he wants to extract more from the relationship, something that does not exist in Aliazeh’s mind. The mind of the lover and the thought of a friend collide and cause the break up.

Alizeh has a past and she goes back to Ali (Fawad). But Ayan is looking for his future and in his quest to find love he meets Saba (Aishwarya), a poet, while travelling to Frankfurt, at the airport. Ayan is attracted to Saba, but in a physical fashion, as his string of love was attached to someone else, Alizeh. Saba has feelings for Ayan but he is in the shadow of a “love” which never responds. Ayan meets Saba’s ex-husband Tahir (Shahrukh) and he teaches him the power of “one sided love”, and tells him about the feelings he has for Saba.

In search of real love, Ayan becomes a famous singer and finds Alizeh again. But he comes to know that Alizeh is suffering from cancer. He tries to convince Alizeh, but fails to conquer her mind and continues to search for pure love in his songs. Love remains in his music and he continues his never ending quest for a love which is always one-sided.

“Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” is a slick entertainer with some catchy dialogues, penned by Niranjan Iyenger and some brilliant musical scores by Pritam. It has quite a few chartbusters, including the beautiful song “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” sung by Arijit Singh. The team is well supported by the cinematography of Anil Mehta and the editing of Manik Dawar.

Ranbir Kappor is brilliant as Ayan and so is Anushka as Alizeh. Both complement each other perfectly in the movie. Aishwarya has a difficult and demanding role, but her stunning looks in every scene offers the maximum, and she performs in style, with a sensual feel that is much needed for the narrative.

Karan Johar is a lover of “love” and he plays his pawns aesthetically on the love board of life. “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” is arguably Karan’s most mature movie till date. He defines the pleasure of “one sided love” on one hand, but depicts the melancholy and desolation on the other. He questions Shelley’s thought of “Love’s Philosophy” that “Nothing in the world is single/ All things by a law divine” and defines the power of one sided love in an unique way and extracts the fragrance of joy and happiness out of it.