A group of high-school friends begins to feel dejected from their school as they watch the baseball team receive special treatment. The friends decide to stage a revolt against the school in the form of an organized protest during a ceremony celebrating the team. However, the group is not without conflict and when one of the members decides the plan is useless, the dynamic of the group becomes unbalanced and the success of the protest comes into question.

“Breakers” shines through as a great example of skill being able to create a fully realized concept outside of budget and time constraints. On top of the film, quality matches those of a mainstream full length production, sets, wardrobe, location shooting. All those elements appear to have had a considerable amount of consideration, creating a strong, coherent image and vibe throughout the production. In particular, the students’ hang out spot is one which would make many jealous of not having as a kid. “Breakers” showcases a great talent for understanding on how making a film becomes technically appealing. The editing, the framework and sound design are all top notch with no noticeable errors. Minami Goto has crafted something visually intriguing within the short film format.

The script contains grounded and engaging dialogue, but does not really entail a profound moment of self realization within the group. For many fans of films dealing with coming of age, this can be the crux that pushes the movie into higher regard. On the other hand, “Breakers” does make up for this with a great closing scene as the students stage their coup against the staff and the baseball team.

The film also boasts good casting choices, as the students’ passions are sincerely expressed through each actor. The performances are definitely highlighted by the script, which takes the time to allow each of the group of friends to develop some personality and deeper connections, within a short period of time.

Although the story seems a bit familiar, Minima Goto is able to create a fully realized vision of youth in revolt. Both the casting choices made and the solid script display strength in storytelling. To top it all off, the quality of the visuals equals bigger budgeted productions. Overall, “Breakers” feels fully realized, and a good spotlight for a talented upcoming creator in Minami Goto.