2019 has witnessed a lot of remarkable discoveries in the world of education. Truly, knowledge is power! This expression may be cliché, but it does present the whole idea of how important and useful knowledge is in our world. It is the quest for knowledge in different fields that reimagine education and help us to develop as humans and make life better for one another in society. It’s just like with a child who learns virtually every skill – language and psychomotor skills – necessary for living life by observing others. An infant builds knowledge of which they are going to apply in the nearest future. This is why we must constantly research, get free papers and read extensively on different topics – to discover more. In this article, we’re going to be looking at knowledge 2019; some of the amazing discoveries that we all witnessed since the beginning of the year and why they are so important to us all.

Discovery of two new planets like Earth

Two new Earth-like planets were discovered near the Teegarden’s Star, one the stars closest to Earth.

A team of scientists led by the Mathias Zechmeister of the University of Göttingen’s Institute of Astrophysics discovered two planets that look like the inner planet of Earth’s solar system. The astronomers who discovered these planets believe that they could be part of a larger system and that it is possible for an inhabitant to see the earth through the transit method. These are the tenth and eleventh planets to be discovered by the same team.

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Stress test to measure stress level

Despite the fact that stress is a common condition in our society, no one has been able to develop a way to measure and test for the stress level of our body. But fortunately this year, a team of hardworking scientists, at the University of Cincinnati, invented a new technology that measures for stress in our system.

According to reports, this test will be able to check and measure the hormones responsible for stress in our blood, urine and/or saliva. Presently, these NSF-funded researchers are looking to develop a simpler device, like the BP monitor, that people will be able to easily use at their homes. This makes it easy to monitor our health even without having to go to the doctor every time.

Superbugs transmission from plant-foods

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of United States carried out investigations and found out that approximately two million of the antibiotic-resistant infections that occur per year are as a result of the superbugs we consume from agricultural produce.

A new research, led by a PhD candidate of the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine, Marlene Maeusli, discovered that antibiotic-resistant infection-causing bacteria are present in plants and vegetables that we consume. The bacteria present in these plants, after they have been ingested, colonize the bowels and cause serious infections.

According to the lead researcher, the findings from their research was essentially to draw attention to the presence of these superbugs also in plants and show the importance of how tackling this issue head-on can reduce the occurrence of antibiotic-resistant diseases.

Cannabidiol (CBD) as an effective antibiotic

CBD, one of the chemical compounds found in cannabis, is being extracted for the treatment of medical conditions like depression, stress, anxiety, inflammation and pain. It has also been even approved by the FDA to be used for treating epilepsy.

Recently, in a research headed by a scientist at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience Center for Superbug Solutions of the University of Queensland, Dr. Mark Blaskovich, in conjunction with a drug company, Botanix Pharmaceuticals Limited, it was discovered that CBD worked effectively in fighting off Gram-positive bacteria, especially the ones that are responsible for antibiotic-resistant infections like Staphylococcus aureus. The paper detailing this discovery was presented on the 23rd of June, 2019.

This is a remarkable discovery that helps in the cure and prevention of this antibiotic-resistant disease.


The importance of knowledge for educational and societal development cannot be overstated. All the discoveries made have been contributed to the ever-expanding body of knowledge. If the society must develop, we need to constantly carry out these researches and make new discoveries and invent