Film Fest Košice loves Asian Movies. They have a whole section dedicated to them, called Eastern Promises, and curated by Kristina Aschenbrennerova (also a contributor of Asian Movie Pulse).

But beside Eastern Promises they also have always a good selection of Asian Titles within the general Programme. Let’s have a look at those titles.

Asian Films in The Programme

(1st-3rd feature films of the director produced after 1 January 2018)

Still Human by Oliver Chan, 2018, HK
The Day After I`m Gone, by Nimrod Eldar, 2019, IL
A Tale of Three Sisters, by Emin Alper, 2019, TR-DE-NL-GR

A Tale of Three Sisters

(Short films (up to 30 minutes) produced after 1 January 201)

Brotherhood by Meryam Joobeur, 2018, CA-TN-QA-SE
The Fox by Sadegh Javadi Nikjeh, 2018, IR
Tungrus by Rishi Chandna, 2018, IN



Parasite by Bong Joon-ho, 2019, KR

Bag of Rice by Kiseye Berendj, 1996, IR-JP


EASTERN PROMISES (10TH EDITION YAAAY!!) (Kristina Aschenbrennerova)
Art Film Fest’s section dedicated to new cinema from East and Southeast Asia is celebrating its 10th birthday. And it’s celebrating in style, with outstanding directors, powerful stories and emotions, some subversion here and there, but above all variety.

Bad Genius by Nattawut Poonpiriya, 2017, TH
Burning by Lee Chang-dong, 2018, KR
Distinction by Jevons Au (in person), 2018, HK
Extreme Job by Lee Byeong-heon, 2019, KR
Funan by Denis Do, 2018, FR-LU-BE-KH
Killing by Shinya Tsukamoto, 2018, JP


CHILDREN`S MOVIES(Ivana Petrikova)

Mirai by Mamoru Hosoda, 2018, JP


LATE NIGHT SHOW (Adrián Žiška)
Genre, B-films, exploitation, fun and fury from around the globe.

Gully Boy by Zoya Akhtar, 2019, IN

Gully Boy

LOVE & ANARCHY (Martin Ciel)
The programme section Love and Anarchy returns to chart the latest trends in independent cinema, offering a selection of films that emphasizes the most intriguing stylistic developments in the language of filmmaking. This year, the section particularly focuses on the possibilities of reflecting and investigating reality through film

Love and Anarchy features films about not only love and anarchy, but most of all about love for film and unexpected applications of its means of expression

Invasion by Shahram Mokri, 2017, IR
Light (short) by Tsai Ming-liang, 2018, TW
Memento Stella by Takashi Makino, 2018, JP-HK
Season of the Devil by Lav Diaz, 2018, PH
Your Face by Tsai Ming-liang

Your Face

[Carte Blanche of Slovak film director Marko Škop whose 2nd fiction feature Let There Be Light world premieres at the 54th Karlovy Vary IFF and who is generally a wonderful human.]

Not exactly Asian, but:
The Act of Killing by Joshua Oppenheimer, Christine Cynn, Anonymous, 2012, DK-NO-G

The Act of Killing

VARIETY SELECT: ART FILMS (Alissa Simon, Variety critic)
Variety is pleased to be invited back to Art Film Fest Košice to present a selection of new and vibrant documentaries and features.

Tel Aviv on Fire by Sameh Zoabi, 2018, LU-FR-IL-BE

Tel Aviv on Fire

You can find the complete catalogue here

On paper I am an Italian living in London, in reality I was born and bread in a popcorn bucket. I've loved cinema since I was a little child and I’ve always had a passion and interest for Asian (especially Japanese) pop culture, food and traditions, but on the cinema side, my big, first love is Hong Kong Cinema. Then - by a sort of osmosis - I have expanded my love and appreciation to the cinematography of other Asian countries. I like action, heroic bloodshed, wu-xia, Shaw Bros (even if it’s not my specialty), Anime, and also more auteur-ish movies. Anything that is good, really, but I am allergic to rom-com (unless it’s a HK rom-com, possibly featuring Andy Lau in his 20s)"