Ever since director Yeon Sang-ho announced that he is working on “Peninsula”, a sequel to his 2016 hit “Train to Busan“, fans have been waiting anxiously for any news on the upcoming project. Today, the confirmed star-cast has been announced, while we also have some plot details for you in addition to the first look at the concept art for the film.

The film, titled “Peninsula”, will be set 4 years after the event of “Train to Busan”, in which time the entire Korean Peninsula has become uninhabitable wasteland. However, Small groups of humans have survived, still trapped and without any certainty of any rescue or respite.

Concept artwork for “Peninsula”

Superstar Kang Dong-won will take Gong Yoo’s place as the lead in the sequel, starring as Jung-suk, alongside actress/singer Lee Jung-hyun (“A Petal”, “The Battleship Island”), who plays Min-jung, a strong-willed survivor equipped with both unending hope and leadership. Young actress Lee Re, who so effortlessly portrayed the title character in “Hope”, will bring the cuteness as Joon-yi. Veteran actor Kwon Hae-hyo (“The Day After”) will play Kim Noh-in, the oldest surviving member of Min-Jung’s crew, while versatile actor Kim Min-jae (“Unstoppable“) and Koo Kyo-hwan (“Maggie“) will be parts of what remains of the peninsula’s rescue forces.

Filming for “Peninsula” begin on June 24th, 2019 and is expected to release later this year or early next year.