The London Korean Film Festival 2019 Teaser Screenings presents the European Premiere of historic action epic Fengshui at Regent Street Cinema, Monday 22 July.

From “The Face Reader” (2013) and “The Throne” (2015), to last year’s LKFF-favourite “The Princess and the Matchmaker” (2018), bringing famous historical figures to life on the big screen has proved a recurring success at the Korean box office. This ever-popular historical drama genre returns to the UK with Director Park Hee-kon’s action-packed “Fengshui”.

Park Jae-sang (Cho Seung-woo, “Inside Men”) is a Fengshui Master hiding from a tragic past by using his talents to read the land around him and offering advice to those who need it – from desperate mothers unable to convince their sons to study, to market sellers struggling to boost sales, and even newly-weds wanting to spice up their love lives. After being approached one day by Heung-seon (Ji Sung, “Confession”), a member of a fallen royal clan with a plan to drive out the aristocrats who have corrupted the royal order – the same people who murdered his own family many years ago – Park can no longer ignore his past. Teaming up with the outcast royal to take down the power-hungry Kim family, Park has a chance to use his Fengshui powers for good and avenge his family, just as long as he can see through the treachery that surrounds him…

Set against the backdrop of Korea’s majestic landscapes, “Fengshui’s” Korean title, “Myeongdang” refers to the ‘ideal site’, reflecting the belief that the land’s qi has the power to change one’s fate. Though our Fengshui Master endeavours to use his qi-reading for good, Director Park Hee-kon’s blockbuster shows us what can happen when powerful knowledge falls into the wrong hands

London Korean Film Festival 2019 Teaser Screening ‘Fengshui’ will screen at Regent Street Cinema, Monday 22 July 2019. Buy your ticket here

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