“Wings of Blue” is a short movie that explores two father-child relationships, with the children’s painting as a connection. One father supports his son, who (apparently?) suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The other one is mad at his daughter, who told him she was good at painting when she didn’t win a painting competition. These are the two themes of the short film: bringing awareness of ADHD, and the need to let children grow, without judging them, or creating unhealthy competition.

“Wings of Blue” is an interesting short movie. Visually, there is a bit of lack of coherence, notably in terms of colorimetry and lighting between the two stories. The editing could be more fluid. They are two strong messages to the movie. Considering that it is an eight-minutes film, the point might have been stronger if focusing on one of the issues.

However, the opening credits are really visually compelling, and some shots (notably the POV ones) are worth mentioning. Hopefully, Sajan Ramanandan will keep on exploring, and maybe elaborate more on the two topics that seem close to his heart.