Japanese director Tomojirô Amano has completed work on his most recent film “Shibô no katamari,” or also known as “Chunks of Meat.” This is his second released film following “Until the Day Freedom Comes” with one more film still in production to come later.

With the film’s upcoming release, here’s the trailer.

A woman who works as a company employee, Hanako Sawamura (Miyabi) has been suffering from nightmares every day. A blue bucket and bright red blood come out every night.

Hanako consults a lesbian lover, Yuki Ito (Yuki Tayama) about a nightmare. What does the bucket mean? What is the secret behind a dream?

In the town, there was a murderer, Kunio Nomura (Haruki Ogino) who switched from woman to woman and repeated murder. On the other hand, a Catholic man, Negishi Tatsuro (Shintaro Yonemoto), has repeatedly relentlessly acted on several women in an effort to fulfill his greed. Before long, Negishi pays attention to Hanako and pushes her to the truth of surprise.

It’s a permanent past that can be revived. In fact, the astonishing truth that Hanako sees. The darkness and loneliness of each character are gradually revealed.