Asia’s one of the most culturally and architecturally-rich continents in the world. Cultures with a long history such as the Chinese, Korean, Indian, and Japanese are all sharing this large continent. This makes Asia a very diverse piece of the world, an aspect that can be noticed when looked at their landmarks. Some of the most eye-catching locations in the world are hosted in Asia.

Some of these places are often making it in the movies too. Asia makes its own movies too, many of these popular locations being showcased naturally. However, when it comes to Hollywood, Asia is not the focus of the movies. Still, there’s a handful of popular locations that are often appearing in Occidental movies, such as the following ones.


Due to its vast culture, nightlife and endless entertainment opportunities, Bangkok became one of Asia’s most popular cities. The place is well-known in the travel communities, representing the ideal location for digital nomads and budget travelers. Thailand, besides the fact that it’s an affordable place, it’s also a gorgeous location, the beaches, historical buildings, and timeless architecture putting this place on many people’s Bucket List.

The movie appearances of this place also contributed to its popularity. Bangkok was showcased in movies such as Only God Forgives, The Railway Man, and The Beach. However, the movie that put Bangkok on the map for many people is The Hangover Part II form 2011.

The first movie from the Hangover franchise was featuring Las Vegas, one of the most entertaining cities in the world. Complementing the first movie, the sequel was shot in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand, representing one of Asia’s most entertaining places.

Following up the plots initiated in the first movie, part two captures the Hangover crew’s adventures throughout Bangkok, for Stu’s wedding. Famous landmarks such as the Thonburi canals, Chinatown, the Ancient City, and the Chao Phraya River are spread throughout the story.


Also called Asia’s Vegas, Macau represents the place-to-be if you want to gamble and have fun in Asia, and especially China. Opposite to China, Macau represents a city that fully values freedom and entertainment, thanks to its status of an independent province.

Macau is hosting some of the biggest casinos in the world. If you want to shoot a casino-themed movie in Asia or even an entertainment-focused film, Macau is your ideal location. Movies such as Skyfall, Johnny English Reborn, and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom authentically showcased the city’s culture in the past.

However, the most notable on-screen time Macau experienced was in the Now You See Me: The Second Act movie from 2016. A large portion of this movie’s scenes were actually shot in Macau, showcasing places such as the famous Venetian Macao, Macao Science Centre, and even Iong’s Magic Shop.

You can see the crew, metaphorically called The Four Horsemen, performing mind-blowing magic tricks, capturing the audience’s attention, while showcasing the true gems of Macau. Even if Now You See Me is not packed with the same type of action like the classic From Dusk Till Dawn, the movie can still be very captivating.

In the movie, you can often see Macau’s casinos filled with people. Although this aspect is represented authentically, their popularity started to slowly decrease, in the detriment of more accessible alternatives such as online casinos.

The best thing about online casinos is the fact that they can allow people to avoid crowded casinos, while still having an emerging gambling experience. For example, The Venetian Macao is attracting more visitors than Disneyland. Trust me, you want to avoid that.


Cambodia is a country attracting many foreign visitors each year, and a part of them are thanks to its movie appearances. Although Cambodia had considerably less screen-time when compared to the above locations, the country still has some notable movie features.

If you ever wondered where Lara Croft: Tomb Raider got shot, now you know the answer, Cambodia. The temples seen in the movie are part of the Angkor Wat gorgeous temple complex. The movie propelled Cambodia and Angkor Wat into the spotlight.


The cinema industry is well-known for featuring some of the most visually appealing places on the planet. Asia managed to get a considerably significant screen time thanks to its culture, and the above locations. Asia is still an unexplored continent in Occidental movie culture, and we hope to see more features in the years to come.