The star of Ryu Jun-yeol continues to ascend. He starred in the adrenalin-fuelled ensemble film “Hit-and-Run Squad” earlier this year before getting his first leading role in “Money”. He is also to be honoured with the Rising Star Asia Award later this month at the New York Asian Film Festival. Shortly after, he will be back on-screen in his latest starring role in director Won Shin-yun’s historical “The Battle: Roar to Victory”.


The story of the national independece army who fought for four days for a miracle in the Battle of Fengwudong where they won for the first time. Over a 4 day period, a fierce battle took place between Korean independence militias and Japanese forces in Manchuria, China. The militia includes Hwang Hae-cheol, who is a master with the sword, and Lee Jang-ha, who is an expert marksman.

Tacky English title aside, the film comes with some heavy names attached to it, with both of director Won Shin-yun’s last two films, “Memoir of a Murderer” and “The Suspect”, proving to be critical and commercial hits. Joining Ryu Jun-yeol is Yoo Hae-jin, his co-star from “A Taxi Driver” as well as Jo Woo-jin, who also worked with Ryu in “Money”. The film is slated for an August, 2019 release in South Korea.