Mithai Poster

“Mithai” is a cute little short film that focuses on the “Joy of Giving” especially considering it was a Diwali release.

A girl goes to a sweet shop to buy sweets with whatever small amount of money she was able to amass but it turns out that wasn’t enough to buy sweets. A man who is performing in the street dressed up as a Hindu God comes up to the shop and the devout shop owner gives out the sweet as an offering to God. What happens afterward is something anyone would guess from this premise in this very short film.

Even though the synopsis and description of the film say that the girl is Muslim and a little detail about the man, those aren’t really apparent in the film. However, we do see that the shop owner doesn’t care that this little girl has come all the way here and is just lacking two more rupees. At the same time, he gladly gives the same to the man dressed up as a God who was just standing around the corner smoking a cigarette a minute ago. How religion blinds men are shown and at the same time it also shows how it can b eye-opening when you have seen enough of it.

The cinematography, sound mixing, and the overall direction are neatly done even though we could see everything in it coming a mile away. “Mithai” seems more like a neat practice run of an advertisement on Diwali by director Rohitaswa Mukherjee from which he would want to move on to bigger projects.