Director Yoon Ga-eun took the indie film world by storm with her debut feature film “The World of Us“. Featuring tremendous acting from young actors, the film was lauded by critics and audience alike. She now aims to follow up on the success of her debut with her second film “The House of Us”.


“What’s wrong with my house?”

12 year-old Ha-na is worried about her parents fighting all the time, and Yoo-mi and Yoo-jin hate that they move all the time. One summer holiday they become friends and share a bond. The three of them talk about their families and decide to take a risk to protect their more than precious homes. 

“I am going to protect my house and yours, too!”

The highlight of “The World of Us” was the performance that Yoon Ga-eun had gotten out of her child actors and she once again works with children in this one. The film stars newcomer Kim Na-yeon as Ha-na, with Kim Si-ah, the breakout star of “Miss Baek“, as Yoo-mi, Joo Ye-rim from “Monstrum” as Yoo-jin and Ahn Ji-ho, who featured in “Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days“. The film will release in South Korea in August, 2019.