• Directed By: Robert Samuels
  • Written and Produced By: Robert Jefferson
  • Cast: Lamar Bumbrey, Angela Jordan, Koji Nishiyama
  • Executive Producer: Oso Tayari Casel
  • Assoc.Producer: Reese Tanaka
  • Director Of Photograhy: Derrick Berry

Robert Samuels and Robert Jefferson are once again back with the third installment of the ever growing and popular Youtube web series “Final Contact”. Director Robert Samuels (R4 Films) teams up with Elite Security Film Group to deliver another fast paced, hard hitting episode from start to finish.

The third installment sees our lead sat on a bench with the “Briefcase”, who receives an incoming call. At first he is confused as to why he has the case and more important, what is inside the case “What the hell am I carrying around?”, only to get the reply “You don’t need to know“. The scene builds up nicely with our lead being surrounded by those who will kill anyone to get their hands on the case. Suddenly, he is being chased and this is where we get to see our lead in action for the first time.

There is some really nice camera work involved during this sequence, with each punch and kick looking powerful when landed (Good editing work). This must give the actors confidence knowing the team around them can produce high level action for the audience.

Let’s Do This

As our lead gets more and more deep into his mission, you can’t help but feel on the edge of your seat, wondering when the next attack will happen. One of the shining stars in “Final Contact “Episode 3” is female star Angela Jordan, who not only can kill someone with her blades, but also has great screen presence and delivers great results.

A dedication to the old Shaw Brothers Movies right here

We also get to see Koji Nishiyama again, who is back to get the case once again and won’t stop until he does, but that will come at a deadly price. Here we have a nice switch from colour to black-and-white which gives the episode a different feel and expression. Here the audience is treated to a great sword vs blades fight with Angela and Lamar really getting the time to showcase their skills to the world.

One of the stand out moments of Final Contact “Episode 3” is the throwback/dedication to the old Shaw Brothers and Japanese samurai movies. During the staircase fight, we get to see an awesome cut and slash moment with the screen turning red as the blood comes out from her opponents body.

I dont want to give to much away, but here are some of my highlights from Episode 3.

*Staircase Fight *Hallway Fight *Sword vs Blade Fight *Final Battle

Fight for your life

Overall, Final Contact “Episode 3” is my favorite from the series so far and that is a testiment to everyone involved. Director Robert Samuels, writer and producer Robert Jefferson just keep getting better and better and i am very excited for the future of independent martial art movies. I also have to give a massive shoutout once again to TeamOneTake, Hector Soria and Orlando Candelario for producing some great fight choreography. (Shout out to all the stunt players in this episode).

Here is a special treat for you all, the official trailer for Final Contact Episode 3. Also I have included a few more pictures from the episode. Massive thank you once again to Robert Samuels for letting me watch Final Contact and wish him and his entire team great success in the future.