Ayah screenshot featuring Aqilah Deenah and Azhar Amir

Salmia (Aqilah Deenah) is preparing to continue her studies in college and the relationship with her “Ayah” (“Father”) (Azhar Amir) a drunkard who abandoned her for a long period is still not mended. As she meets her father at this juncture of her life, she decides to confront him for his actions and the lack of actions in their life.  As both of them talk about their past and unfold the love for each other, their past is still making a huge dent in between.

The story about the strained relationship between the father and daughter is made in a way that the focus is entirely upon the two actors in a long take for most of the short film. The reason to make the major portion a single take becomes clear by the scene that comes after that single shot. That was a stylistic choice that could have worked as a part of a larger narrative.

However, as the long take needs to completely depend on the actors and this being a short film, it didn’t completely help towards the end product. With some cuts in between, it could have highlighted the emotions and captured the wonderful performances by both the actors in a better way.

Feisal Azizuddin’s “Ayah” is a heartfelt melodrama that is effective in its short runtime. However, when it ends, the longing for more from the story is left. That longing could have been more effective and to some, it could even have been cathartic if they didn’t choose to make the important portions in a single take.



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