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From the director of Infernal Affairs, new Chinese epic THE CAPTAIN in UK & ROI cinemas 4th October


From critically acclaimed director (Infernal Affairs trilogy) comes , a thrilling new epic based on an incredible true story.

In May 2018, during a normal flight aboard Sichuan Airlines, the cockpit windshield shattered while flying 30,000 feet above the Tibetan Plateau. With a co-pilot fighting for his life and passengers in panic and losing consciousness, the plane's heroic captain (Zhang Hanyu, Operation Red Sea, Operation Mekong) defied all odds and successfully landed the plane in one of the most miraculous emergency landings in Chinese aviation history. What he achieved under pressure is revered to this day. 

Charged with suspense and stunning action, and visual effects from the team behind Monster Hunt and Hero, The Captain is a true epic and a tribute to real human courage. 

Cine Asia presents The Captain in UK & ROI cinemas from 4th October, with previews from 30th September

Check the film's website to get info on screenings and to book tickets.

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Rouven Linnarz

Ever since I watched Takeshi Kitano's "Hana-Bi" for the first time (and many times after that) I have been a cinephile. While much can be said about the technical aspects of film, coming from a small town in Germany, I cherish the notion of art showing its audience something which one does normally avoid, neglect or is unable to see for many different reasons. Often the stories told in films have helped me understand, discover and connect to something new which is a concept I would like to convey in the way I talk and write about films. Thus, I try to include some info on the background of each film as well as a short analysis (without spoilers, of course), an approach which should reflect the context of a work of art no matter what genre, director or cast. In the end, I hope to pass on my joy of watching film and talking about it.

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