Producers and directors make movies for different reasons. Some of them make movies for the sole purpose of entertainment. Others make movies to inform and include sections that help people learn. There are others that seek to motivate people. Motivational movies can help you re-energize and get the edge you need to continue studying. So, when school feels overwhelming, do not hesitate to take time off to watch a motivational movie. Here are a few examples of movies that can motivate you to study or find a reason to work extra harder.

The Social Network

If you seek to turn your dream or hobby into something profitable, then the Social Network is the movie for you. From this movie, you are sure to get study motivation and the idea to work towards your dreams and goals. The movie tells the story of Mark Zuckerberg who is currently among the top richest men in the world. From the movie, one gathers that Zuckerberg did manage to turn his love for coding into something that makes him richer with each passing day. The message in the movie is to keep working on one’s dreams and goals. It is never too late and with the right attitude and mindset, it is possible to achieve anything in the world.

Dead Poets Society

If you love poetry then you will love this movie. The late Robin Williams stars as John Keating in this movie where he uses poetry to speak to his students. Many issues plague the Welton Academy and Williams uses poetry to not only challenge the status quo but to also empower the students. Keating pushes his students to embrace themselves and to challenge the school’s rules as well. Because of his unorthodox model of teaching, his students warm up to him fast. For Keating, everything is up for grabs but only those willing to go the extra mile can get to where they want to go. If you wish to read a paper of the movie, buy an analysis essay sample of the movie from

The Pursuit of Happiness

If you are looking for one of the best inspirational movies of all time, then the Pursuit of Happiness is your movie. The movie’s main themes include hard work, perseverance, and determination. Chris Gardner puts to use these three and makes sure that he pushes himself to limits beyond what the mind can fathom. Chris is a hardworking man and makes sure that by the end of it all, he is a wealthy man. He embraces the mentality of never giving up and turns this into one of the most inspiring movies of all time. The message from this movie is simple: never give up and keep fighting. It does not get any better than this.

Theory of Everything

Even after his death, the world continues to celebrate Stephen Hawking. This movie tells the story of a man with two years to live. However, Hawking defies the odds and before his passing on in 2018, his name was on everyone’s lips. The movie shows that in spite of his medical condition, he continues to work hard and cements his place among the brightest of the world. For most people, a diagnosis that showcases motor neurone disease means panic and death to their dreams. However, Hawking proves that he is different as he continues to prove theories even while sick. His story does indeed makes up a perfect essay with a perfect ending.

School of Rock

One thing that needs emphasis in school is doing things in a way that works for you. In this movie, Jack Black makes use of music and other simple yet working techniques to inspire change. Black’s class has all kinds of students but the common factor is they are all unhappy. However, through the use of music, he manages to turn things around and thus shed light on how books cannot be the answer all the time. Books are good but they can lead to dull students if we make coercion the solution. So, it is crucial to combine other techniques and to seek to engage the students more rather than forcing them to read.

History Boys

This is a movie about embracing yourself and accepting who you are. Today, there are many stereotypes and generalizations and the expectation is that we will all try to fit in. However, from this movie, when we are ourselves, people get to interact with who we are. In the end, they get to learn from us. But, when we seek to be like everyone else, we do not evolve or grow and thus end up the same. The students in this movie learn that their behavior is what stands out for them and that it is a perfect ingredient to them going to Oxford or Cambridge University. As an inspiring movie, this film does justice to its theme.

Stand and Deliver

You are hopeless in life until someone convinces you otherwise. The movie Stand and Deliver is a perfect fit for this phrase. It is not only a true story but it is one that fits with our personal stories. Hopelessness in life is normal and it is possible to feel empty and doubt where you are going. However, this movie speaks to those who are giving up and believe they are not cut for what they are doing. It emphasizes the point of working in the midst of adversity. In school, never allow yourself to be hopeless. If you are having a hard time with your assignments, remember you can always use Canadian essay writing services platforms.

Goodwill Hunting

Do you know you could be having hidden talents or something that can propel you further in your studies or career? Well, this movie seeks to motivate people to realize they have hidden talents and need to search within themselves. Matt Damon plays a young man whose gifts lie in mathematics and chemistry. However, the young man does not know the kind of potential he has. As the movie continues, it becomes clearer that people could indeed have hidden talents and only need to reach deep down their lives to access or activate them. So, do not sleep every day and doubt what you can do. There is greatness in you.

In conclusion, there are other movies that can motivate you to study. However, these are some of the best motivational movies in the world. You may not enjoy all of them but make sure to pick something or two from any of them. It matters to us whether this information is helpful to you or not. So, take time and put to use what you learn. It may seem like a lot of work but in the end, we promise you everything will work out fine for you.

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