Screenshot of Ganti Konten featuring M. Adam Bachrudin

“Ganti Konten” is about Benu (M. Adam Bachrudin) a content creator who has to create with a deadline for a lifestyle magazine. He got the job because of the previous employee Santoso lost the job due to being exposed in a drug case. The work pressure makes him turn his thoughts into what he wants more from his life.

Even though the story may seem straightforward drama this has been made in a totally unconventional way. It is clear that this is a no-budget short film and if it is not, it is a very weird decision to make it like this. Director Kevin Setya Wijaya uses a simple home as the background for the story. It kind of makes an analogy of home life with office life. The boss Tulip (Rani) looks like his Spouse and demands that work should be properly completed on time while not being happy with the work he’s giving.

Screenshot of Ganti Konten featuring M. Adam Bachrudin and Rani

It shows the issues in the lifestyle magazine scene as well as the issues in home in a weird way. It is hard to tell if this analogy was always the intention or if it was an accidental product of the no-budget filmmaking. In any case, this experimental short is a very interesting watch. “Ganti Konten” could be either a fluke or a brilliant attempt which can only be confirmed if I was more familiar with any of Wijaya’s other works.