This week, the /slash Film Festival, Austria’s biggest Fantastic Film Festival, starts its projectors in Vienna to screen a broad catalog of dark and twisted treats. From September 19 until September 29, the 10th edition of the Festival will also present a promising Asian selection.

Six Asian feature films and four animations are among the total number of 70 movies that can be seen in two charming old-town cinemas. The so-called “/asian” selection starts with “The Scoundrels” (2018), the debut of Taiwanese director Hung Tzu-Hsuan. From the Philippines comes Erik Matti’s “The Entity” (2019). An elegant horror-thriller about a secretive family history that is packed with suspense. In cooperation with the Japannual Film Festival, /slash presents the Japanese entry for the selection – “The Fable” (2019) by Kan Eguchi. The Manga adaption is a mixture of over the top action sequences and utterly disarming humor. Highly anticipated is also Won-Tae Lee’s “The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil” (2019). After its successful premiere at Cannes, the Korean movie is about to be remade by Sylvester Stallone.

Malaysian pioneer James Lee directed cheap and effective genre films since the early 2000s. /slash Film Festival shows his newest production, “Two Sisters” (2019). A slow-burner that guarantees psychological horror. Last but not least, the repertory ends with “Nina Wu” (2019), which is about the dark side of the actor lifestyle with references to the anime classic “Perfect Blue”.

Anime fans are pleased by Saku Sakamoto’s “Aragne: Sign of Vermillion” (2018), Amp Wong’s “White Snake” (2019) as well as the overwhelming complex and gorgeous “Penguin Highway” (2018) by Hiroyasu Ishida. Another highlight of the Animation section will be the premiere of Keiichi Hara’s “The Wonderland” (2019). After contributing several entries to the cult anime “Doraemon” and earning international attention with “Summer Days with Coo” (2007) and “Miss Hokusai” (2015), Hara was awarded the Medal with Purple Ribbon by the Japanese Government. The Screening of “The Wonderland” will be the German-speaking premiere.

The program is riddled with a variety of events that hold the appropriate gloomy entertainment apart from the movie experience. Besides the usual director talks, /slash organizes concerts, parties, a puppet theatre show, an infamous “Jurassic Cosplay Contest” and much more. Dress up and dash into 10 days of weirdness.