Who does not like relaxing with a bowl of popcorn and a good movie on? When we want to feel some thrill, excitement, and action, we often reach for gambling movies. Some of the most interesting films ever created by the movie industry explore the world of gambling.

The Asian cinematography is especially famous for gambling-related movies. They have made hundreds of such movies, with both happy and sad endings, with likeable protagonists and antagonists.

Here’s a list of our favorite 6!

1.  God of Gamblers

God of Gamblers is possibly one of the most popular and best movies ever made by the Asian film industry. This movie follows a seasoned gambler as he travels, wins, loses, and eventually loses his memory. There are six stunning sequels, all of which are worth watching.

2.  From Vegas to Macau

From Vegas to Macau is a complex crime-comedy film that includes all of the topics a good gambling movie needs to have. It explores themes such as gamblers, gambling, family ties, and love. It has a sequel which is equally as good.

3.  Tazza: The High Rollers

Tazza is one of South Korea’s most profitable movies ever. It follows a gambling-beginner who wants to become a pro in order to enact revenge on people who caused his family to lose their entire savings. It is based on an equally as popular comic book called “Tajja.”

4.  The Conman

The Conman is another crime-comedy piece of art spawned from the talent of the Chinese film. It was filmed in 1998, but is a dear movie to fans of gambling movies around the world even today. This movie even won a Hong Kong Film Award nomination, which tells you about its qualities.

5.  Casino Raiders

Casino Raiders came out the same year as God of Gamblers but managed to make a name for itself as it does not have much in common with it. Both are gambling movies, but Casino Raiders is a much more serious film. It follows the lives of two best friends who end up in different troubles caused by their edgy lifestyle.

6.  Poker King

Finally, let’s wrap up this list with another masterpiece created in the Hong Kong movie industry. It follows a family in the casino business who have a son who does not share their passion of gambling. That changes until he plays a game of Texas Hold’em on the Internet and then decides to become the poker king.