Actress Chun Woo-hee has created quite a niche for herself in the South Korean film industry. Known for her power-packed performances in blockbusters as well as indie films, her roles in her last three films “Idol“, “One Day” and “The Wailing” have all been critically and commercially applauded, as have her previous performances in films like “Han Gong-ju” and “Thread of Lies”. After the aforementioned “One Day” in 2016, director Jeon Gye-soo’s “Vertigo” will see her back in a melodrama.


A melo film about a woman who feels like she’s falling from her office in a tall building, and a rope climber who walks on a rope amidst the forest of buildings like Spiderman. They face each other on either sides of a glass window until they finally meet on the rooftop of Machunru.

This will be Jeon Gye-soo’s comeback film 11 years after “Love Fiction”, which featured Ha Jung-woo and Gong Hyo-jin. Starring alongside Chun Woo-hee will be Teo Yoo, who also had a brief role in “Love Fiction”, Jung Jae-gwang (“Extreme Job“) and Moon Sun-yong (“Koala”). It is expected to release in South Korea in October, 2019.