CAMERA JAPAN Festival 2019
Amsterdam 3-6 October

After a great start in Rotterdam, CAMERA JAPAN is now packing up and heading to Filmtheater Kriterion in Amsterdam. On their website, you can read programme and event descriptions, watch film trailers, and buy tickets for films and workshops. You can also download the all-important blokkenschema, the handy overview of films and events designed to help you put together the perfect schedule for CAMERA JAPAN.

In addition to the film programme, there are three workshops at CAMERA JAPAN in Amsterdam. The calligraphy workshop on Saturday October 5 is already sold out, but on Sunday, there are places left on ORIMAKI’s origami workshop on how to make lovely kusudama paper balls. Also on Sunday, SUZUKI Takahide will teach you all you ever wanted to know about powdered green tea in his matcha workshop.

The CAMERA JAPAN Audience Award – The preliminaries

After counting all the votes cast by the audience in Rotterdam, we are pleased to say that nine of the top ten titles for the CAMERA JAPAN Audience Award will also screen in Amsterdam. Currently the top three films are Fly Me to the Saitama, My Dad is a Heel Wrestler, and Penguin Highway. We look forward to hearing the opinions of Amsterdam audiences! Check their website for the top ten titles.

CAMERA JAPANE also announce the winner of the first CAMERA JAPAN Youth Jury Award. After watching six films over four days, the seven members of the jury awarded the prize to Melancholic from director TANAKA Seiji who will receive a €1000 cash prize to be used toward his next project. Melancholic will be screening at 21:30 on Friday evening.