With passing time, numerous movies got have produced which were set in casinos or proposes highly exciting gambling and casino themes. Numerous viewers love seeing their favorite actors take part in thrilling gambling activities. Again, people who love playing casino games would be curious to know about the featured casinos that they can visit. Fortunately, numerous casino-themed films have got released that have been filed at a land casino location. In Las Vegas, there are some exciting casinos which are situated on the Strip and everyone has history and popular for proposing the most stimulating types of gambling. Besides the gaming floors that are packed with action, the buildings too are considered things of art. This is the reason; numerous casinos have got selected for movie shoots.

Following are the names of some casinos where films have been made:

  • The Mirage – This casino was featured in the film Vegas Vacation in 1997 and it is viewed as one of the topmost destinations in Vegas for gamblers. The story of the film surrounds the character who developed a liking for gambling when he was visiting The Mirage. The casino opened in Vegas and it featured a spectacular hotel having 3000 rooms. With a huge gaming floor plus numerous gaming choices, this casino continues to remain a well-known choice for people who visit Vegas.
  • The Bellagio – It is one of the highly recognized names in Los Vegas particularly for the poker players. This casino was featured in the movie Ocean’s Eleven where a band of robbers pulled off a casino theft. The movie proposes a hint of luxury and possesses an Italian theme. The building’s beauty is outstanding and the casino became popular because of the Fountains of Bellagio.
  • Caesar’s Palace – It is also one of the popular destinations in Vegas and it was featured in the movie The Hangover in the year 2009. This film is situated in Paradise. For more than fifty-one years, this casino resort is alluring gamblers from all across the world and it proposes an unbelievable gaming experience besides being one of the most comfortable hotel rooms in Vegas.
  • Planet Hollywood Casino – When you happen to be a fan of Blackjack, then it is natural for this movie to grab your attention because this was movie 21’s site. In this movie, a group comprising MIT students did take on Vegas for using their skills of card-counting at the Blackjack tables. In fact, the casino too has got numerous gaming tables besides many slots machines for providing people with an ultimate gambling experience.

So, it can be said that Las Vegas happens to be the home to the finest casinos though not all the gambling movies have their base there assome movies got filmed in Dubai and Atlantic City too. Both of them are known to propose some of the highly thrilling gambling experiences that people can enjoy. Even when you don’t have the finances for making a trip to these movie locations, it is possible for you to get engaged in a similar kind of gambling thrills at a reliable and trusted online casino and play the games that you have watched on movies.