If you are a hardcore gambler, it is likely you are familiar with the musical soundtracks provided by casinos. Many gamblers enjoy the music while others do not pay much attention to it. Whatever the case may be, researchers believe it can have effects on the player’s behavior. Whether you play in brick-and-mortar casinos or online, you may be affected by background music without even realizing it. Below, you will discover what research says about gambling and musical soundtracks.

High-Tempo Musical Soundtracks

A study posted on the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health website in June 2014 reveals that high-tempo musical soundtracks may have negative effects on gamblers’ behavior. According to the study, high-tempo music may intensify a gambler’s reaction time. The study focused on how a gambler’s reaction time was impacted by high-tempo music. The results were not astonishing to the researchers because they were already in the mindset that it would increase the reaction time. Researchers discovered that the participating gambler’s reaction time increased with each wager.

Low-Tempo Musical Soundtracks

The same study also focused on how low-tempo musical soundtracks affected players’ behavior when gambling. The results were very similar to high-tempo music, as it showed that low-tempo music may intensify a gambler’s reaction time with each wager. Low-tempo music was also shown to urge the player to place more bets. The researchers did not mention the types of music soundtracks utilized in the study. Make your Judi deposit pulsa, so you can start playing today.

Overall Impact

Researchers are concerned with these results because they believe high- and low-tempo music soundtracks could result in reckless gambling behavior. They also recommend more in-depth research to determine the level of impact of the music. The study also showed that some of the gambler’s reaction time may decrease when gambling and listening to music.

The study also revealed that background music could also impact the overall outcome. While many gamblers pay little to no attention to background music, it may still impact the outcomes of every game they play.


Rune A. Mentzoni, a researcher in the Department of Psychosocial Science at the University of Bergen in Bergen, Norway conducted the study. Other researchers involved in the study were Jon Christian Laberg also from the University of Bergen and Geir Scott Brunborg from Oslo, Norway. The research was conducted in an effort to bring awareness to the impact of listening to low- and high-tempo musical soundtracks when gambling.

The researchers recommend educating gamblers on the “effects of structural mechanisms”. The more gamblers know about the findings of this study, the better they will be prepared.


Gambling is risky behavior but well-educated players are less likely to experience negative outcomes. The only way to help players avoid the impact of background music when playing casino games in a brick-and-mortar casino or online is public awareness. The researchers hope the study will reach gamblers around the world. Unfortunately, casinos are not going to change their environments to help players avoid these risks. So, it is going to be up to the players to protect themselves.