International premiere of “Flowers of Evil”, Hong Kong “Fagara” as the opening film, and Japanese “Bone Born Bone” at the closure of Five Flavours 13th edition!

This year, as always, the festival will provide an opportunity to discover original voices of young and recognized directors from South Korea, Bhutan, Thailand or Vietnam. We will explore the charms and ills of Japanese peripheries: its harbour cities, outskirts and marginal territories. We will watch films highly appreciated by festival juries. Special consideration will be given to Hong Kong which today is experiencing a serious political crisis: our guest will be Fruit Chan, a star of its independent cinema. However, the Programme has also a place for juicy genre cinema: horror, action, perverse comedies are an ideal remedy for the November weather in Warsaw.

Here is the Programme in its strands:

Like every year the competition section presents challenging, daring films, boldly combining genre cinema with social sensibility.


And Your Bird Can Sing – dir. Sho Miyake – Japan 2018

Balloon – dir. Pema Tseden – China 2019

Bulbul Can Sing – dir. Rima Das – India 2018

Fagara – dir. Heiward Mak – China, Hong Kong 2019

Heavy Craving – dir. Hsieh Pei-ju – Taiwan 2019

Maggie – dir. Yi Ok-seop – South Korea 2018

Repossession – dir. Goh Ming-siu, Scott Chong Hillyard – Singapore 2019

The Red Phallus – dir. Tashi Gyeltshen – Buthan 2018

To Live to Sing – dir. Johnny Ma – China 2019

Wet Season – dir. Anthony Chen – Singapore, Taiwan 2019

Where We Belong – dir. Kongdej Jaturanrasamee – Thailand 2019

The cinema of Japanese peripheries – seriously and with a grain of salt. A chance to meet the inhabitants of the city outskirts and small towns, who deal with everyday challenges, look for love and try to find a balance between traditional customs a modern lifestyle. The filmmakers who reach for themes and aesthetic choices absent in the mainstream, and have bold, unconventional ideas on the use of genre cinema schemes.

Flowers of Evil

And Your Bird Can Sing [Polish Premiere] – dir. Sho Miyake – Japan 2018

Blue Hour [Polish Premiere] – dir. Yuko Hakota – Japan 2019

Born Bone Born [Polish Premiere] – dir. Toshiyuki Teruya (Gori) – Japan 2018

Demolition Girl [Polish Premiere] – dir. Genta Matsugami – Japan 2018

Flowers of Evil [International Premiere] – dir. Noboru Iguchi – Japan 2019

Fly Me to Saitama [Polish Premiere] – dir. Hideki Takeuchi – Japan 2019

Going The Distance [Polish Premiere] – dir. Yujiro Harumoto – Japan 2016

Mr Long [Polish Premiere] – dir. SABU – Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan 2017

One Cut of The Dead – dir. Shinichirou Ueda – Japan  2017

The Gun [Polish Premiere] – dir. Masaharu Take – Japan 2018

A review of works of the Hong Kong visionary who uses an original way of combining political topics with eroticism, crosses the borders of aesthetics and astonishingly portraits the multiethnic, modern-traditional, eastern-western society of the metropolis.


Dumplings [Polish Premiere] – dir. Fruit Chan – Hong Kong 2004

Durian Durian [Polish Premiere] – dir. Fruit Chan – Hong Kong 2000

Hollywood Hong Kong – dir. Fruit Chan – Hong Kong, Japan, UK, France 2001, 102’

Little Cheung – dir. Fruit Chan – Hong Kong 1999

Made in Hong Kong [Polish Premiere] – dir. Fruit Chan – Hong Kong 1997

Three Husbands [Polish Premiere] – dir. Fruit Chan – Hong Kong 2018

All the best from the Asian mainstream cinema: authorial views on reality and original approaches to genre conventions, in other words – the films nominated and awarded by Asian Film Awards Academy.


Believer [Polish Premiere] – dir. Lee Hae-young – South Korea 2018

Bulbul Can Sing [Polish Premiere] – dir. Rima Das – India 2018

Jinpa – dir. Pema Tseden – China 2018

Still Human [Polish Premiere] – dir. Oliver Chan Siu-kuen – Hong Kong 2018

Three Husbands [Polish Premiere] – dir. Fruit Chan – Hong Kong 2018

Tumbbad [Polish Premiere] – dir. Rahi Anil Barve, Anand Gandhi – India, Sweden 2018


Nina Wu

BNK48: Girls Don’t Cry [Polish Premiere] – dir. Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit – Thailand 2018

Fury [Polish Premiere] – dir. Le-Van Kiet – Vietnam 2019

Jinpa – dir. Pema Tseden – China 2018

Nina Wu – dir. Midi Z – Taiwan, Malaysia, Myanmar 2019

Throw Down [Polish Premiere] – dir. Johnnie To – Hong Kong 2004


Krasue: Inhuman Kiss

Asian Horror Night

Door Lock [Polish Premiere] – dir. Lee Kwon – South Korea 2018

Krasue: Inhuman Kiss [Polish Premiere] – dir. Sitisiri Mongkolsiri – Thailand 2019

One Cut of The Dead – dir. Shinichirou Ueda – Japan  2017

The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale [Polish Premiere] – dir. Lee Min-jae – South Korea 2018

Tumbbad [Polish Premiere] – dir. Rahi Anil Barve, Anand Gandhi – India, Sweden 2018

Zombie Night


The Taste of Pho

Every year Five Flavours festival seeks to present the cinema at the crossroads of cultures and participate in the dialogue between the Polish and Asian film worlds. This year’s edition will host the official Polish premiere of “The Taste of Pho” directed by Mariko Bobrik.

The Taste of Pho  [Polish Premiere] – dir. Mariko Bobrik – Poland, Germany 2019

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