If you are an action movie buff or a movie buff of any kind there is no doubt that you have heard of Black Panther and James Bonds. Black Panther might have only one entry on the big screen, but it certainly garnered quite the following during its time. Heck, it is still attracting newcomers as well as repeat fans. How many times have you seen the movie? James Bond, on the other hand, is a widely popular series that has seen the big screen several times. There are too many too list, but there is at least twenty or thirty in circulation if you count the old ones.

All that aside, many spectators and fans have started comparing the two. When you compare the two on the surface they might seem like different movies. However, when you peel back the layers and start looking underneath, you will see that James Bond was a huge inspiration for the movie. Why did the directors decide to go this way and how did it impact the movie?

Operatic Family Drama

If there is one thing that is going to attract a following today than it is families. This is especially true when it comes to movies. Families like going to the movies together or gathering around the TV and enjoying a good movie or two. There is simply nothing more entertaining or better to pass the time. And, this is why Black Panther was so successful. You take all the action like the James Bond movies and mix them with a big, operatic family drama and fans are really getting the best of both worlds. You combine this with all the international espionage and things only get more exciting.

Different Leading Co-Stars

If there is one thing that is highly notable about the James Bond series it is the female co-stars. Each different movie saw the introduction of a different young starlet. And, anyone that bets or gambles at quality sites like sbobet88 knows that sex appeal draws attention. Plus, behind every good man, there is a good woman, right? It is true that there has only been one entry of the Black Panther and only one female start thus far, but there have been hints that there could be more. In fact, Boseman himself referenced 007 when talking about T’Challa. He simply said that there was always a possibility that there could be other women.

However, Lupita, the female lead role, said that there better not be another woman and her agent better lock down the deal as quick as possible. As of right now, all things are up in the air. There could be more episodes and there could be more girls.

Entire World Is At Risk

The storyline of the Black Panther and James Bond movies are very similar. One similarity has to do with the entire world is being threatened. It is up to James Bond and the Black Panther to resolve the issue before the world is annihilated. While watching these movies, many viewers get so involved in the storyline that they experience adrenaline rushes. These experiences are what keeps fans interested in the Bond and Black Panther saga.