Japanese Mangaka Junji Ito has flown under the radar for some time as one of the prominent figures in Cosmic and Metaphysical Horror. His work has garnered a dedicated fan base that rabidly seeks out all of his work. For myself, Junji Ito was an introduction into Horror Manga, with “Uzumaki” being the first manga I owned. The Eisner Award winning Mangaka has seen his work adapted, including a TV series, to mixed reactions from his fan base. However, any project related to Ito’s work is bound to be met with some excitement and a chance for others to learn about Ito’s particular brand of surreal horror.

The anime style for the production has yet to be seen, but Adult swim has provided a trailer that outlines some of the ideology behind the series, as well as words about the process of adapting the career defining “Uzumaki” into anime. The four part mini series directed by Hiroshi Nagahama is due to be released on Toonami sometime in 2020.


Uzuamki follows a high-school teenager, Kirie Goshima (五島桐絵); her boyfriend, Shuichi Saito (斎藤秀一); and the citizens of the small, fictional Japanese town of Kurōzu-cho (黒渦町 Black Vortex Town), which is cursed by supernatural events involving spirals. (Wikipedia)