South Korean heartthrob Gong Yoo and actress Jung Yu-mi and have had a successful professional relationship, having featured in hits films “Silenced” and “Train to Busan” together previously. While the former hasn’t been on the big screen since Kim Jee-woon’s 2016 film “The Age of Shadows”, Jung Yu-mi was last seen in her “Train to Busan” director’s follow-up film “Psychokinesis”. The two team up once again for Kim Da-young’s directorial debut “Kim Ji-young: Born 1982” (translated title).


Kim Ji-young has one of the most common female names for people her age. She works at a PR agency. She gets married and has a daughter. So she can raise her daughter, Kim Ji-young quits her job. She leads an ordinary life up to this point. Suddenly, Kim Ji-young begins to talk like her mother, her older sister and other people. She seems possessed by other people. What happened to her?

The film, based on a namesake novel, sees supporting actress Kim Da-young (“Killer Toon”, “Punch”) make the transition from the front of the camera to behind it. Co-starring Jeon Guk-hyang (“Little Forest”), Lee Hae-won (“Juror 8”) and Kim Mi-kyung (“C’est Si Bon”), the film releases in October, 2019.