I must admit, I adore veteran actress Na Moon-hee! Time and again, the 77-year-old has proved to be a scene-stealer in a career spanning more than five decades, whether it be in her supporting roles in films such as “The Quiet Family” and “You are my Sunshine”, or her recent leading roles in “Miss Granny” and “I Can Speak“. Like “Miss Granny”, her latest film “A Little Princess” once again sees her team up with a much younger actress to much comedic effect.


Mature young girl and immature old granny? The most bizarre cohabitation ever! 

Mal-soon is a tough granny in a shanty town in Busan. In front of her, 12-year-old Gong-ju appears with her baby sister Jin-ju on her back. Gong-ju claims that she is the daughter of Mal-soon’s runaway daughter. Mal-soon’s peaceful life becomes a mess with these little strangers, but Mal-soon doesn’t feel bad living with them. Their happy-yet-unpredictable life under one roof is about to start!

“A Little Princess” stars also Kim Su-an (“The Battleship Island”) as Gong-ju and another personal favourite, Chun Woo-hee (“The Wailing“) as Teacher Park. It is scheduled to release in South Korea on November 27th, 2019.