Back in 2005, Park Chan-wook’s trailblazing, genre-defining “Vengeance Trilogy” ended with “Lady Vengeance“, a female-led revenge thriller which featured a completely different Lee Young-ae, who previously was known for her tender roles in romantic films and melodramas. Who knew back then that it would be 14 long years, in debutant director Kim Seung-woo’s “Bring Me Home”, before we would see her again on the silver screen?


Jeong-yeon receives a call saying someone saw a child that looks just like her son who went missing 6 years ago and even has the same scars. She goes out to a strange fishing village on an island to look for her child.

The film, based on Kim Seung-woo’s own script, also stars Yoo Jae-myung (“The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil“), Park Hae-joon (“Heart Blackened“), Lee Won-geun (“Feng Shui”) and Kim Lee-kyung (“Metamorphosis”). It will be releasing in South Korean cinemas on November 27th, 2019.