The gangster noir genre has give Korean cinema many great films. Hoping to join the ranks of such classics as “A Bittersweet Life“, “New World” and “A Dirty Carnival“, among others, is director Song Chang-yong’s latest film “Unalterable”.


Kwon Sang-gon is a gangster who wants to have a cool life. He becomes a gang boss and expects to reap the rewards of the top position. Kwon Sang-Gon soon realizes his life is a living hell, filled with conspiracies and betrayals.

While the director, who has so far made three film that’ve sunk into oblivion without making a dent, and the star-cast, led by Chun Jung-myung (“Hansel and Gretel“) and other actors that have very few films to their name, don’t necessarily build confidence on the film’s quality, the trailer does boast of a stylish looking noir gangster film which should be on the radar of genre fans. The film releases in South Korean cinemas on November 21st, 2019.