JAFF 14 ‘Revival’ is officially started on November 19th, 2019 at Empire XXI Yogyakarta. “Abracadabra” (2019), a feature film directed by Faozan Rizal, became the official opening film. The event started at 6 PM, accompanied by 18 groups of Bergada (The Yogyakarta Palace’s army) who lead the guests from Horison Hotel to Empire XXI Yogyakarta.

Around 1.454 audience came to the opening festival ceremony. The opening began with a speech from Yogyakarta’s Department of Culture (Disbud) delegation, Aris Eko Nugroho, S.P., M.Si. He presented that Yogyakarta’s Disbud has been collaborating with JAFF since 2014. “Through the development of film and the birth of film schools in Yogyakarta, we hope that there will be more collaborations in developing art, especially films,” he said.

Having the same vision with Yogyakarta’s Disbud, the Directorate General of Information and Public Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DJ IDP Ministry of Foreign Affairs) also presented its support in this long-running film festival that has been conducted for 14 years consecutively. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports JAFF in a form of Focus Group Discussion and scripwritting workshop to create a qualified Indonesian films. This is also an effort to develop economic potential in film industry,” said Johar Gultom, the vice of DJIDP Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Budi Irawanto, the Festival President of JAFF 14 ‘Revival’, presented his gratitude to all parties who have contributed, enliven, and continuously establishing the collaboration of this festival each year with partners in various countries in Asia Pacific. “Thank you to the all the guests who have come all the way from various countries in Asia Pacific, the filmmakers and all of the audience who have come to the opening of 14th JAFF ‘Revival’. This festival wouldn’t have come this far without all the staffs, coordinators, and volunteers who have worked hard in succeeding this event,” said Budi in his opening speech.

After the opening speech from Budi Irawanto, Ifa Isfansyah, the Festival Director of JAFF 14 ‘Revival’ also elaborated the difference of this year’s JAFF from its predecessors. “For the first time, JAFF have a centralized venue. This is different from the preceeding years who had three or four scattered venues. However, we still emphasize on the main point of this event, which is to be a meeting point for people who wants to intimately celebrate cinema,” said Ifa.

Ending her opening speech, Ifa also expressed her gratitude to all the jury and invited guests who have come from various countries. Starting from Park Sun Young from South Korea, David Hanan from Australia, until John Torres and Shireen Seno from Phillipines. There’s still a lot of notable names in international cinema that were mentioned. Aside from that, Ifa also introduced Christine Hakim as the Board Advisor of JAFF. Ifa also addressed all the coordinators from each division to go to the stage before hitting the gong, a mark that started the 14th Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival.

In the festival, there were also the actors from Abracadabra such as Ence Bagus, Egi Fedly, Landung Simatupang, Veronica & Valerie, Mbok Tum, and Yati Pesek. “As a representation from Abracadabra, I would like to express my hope that both international and Indonesian cinema would grow even better,” said Egi Fedly.

JAFF 14 ‘Revival’ is officially started with the screening of Abracadabra (2019) which was screened on five studios in Empire XXI Yogyakarta. The film who has gone through four years of production tells a story about a magician who seek the meaning of magic. Abracadabra (2019) was first screened during the opening of JAFF 14 ‘Revival’. Before the film started, JAFF played some opening speeches from Faozan Rizal, the director, and Reza Rahadian, the main actor of Abracadabra (2019). Both of them apologized for not making it to the first screening of Abracadabra (2019) and delivered their congratulation in the opening of the biggest film festival in Indonesia.

Starting from November 20th, 2019, the audience is able to watch a selection of films that will be screened in Empire XXI Yogyakarta. The films will be divided into programs that offer different perspectives according to this year’s festival theme which is revival. There is a total of 111 films from 28 countries in Asia Pacific that will be screened in competition or non-competition program. Some JAFF 14 ‘Revival’ film programs also carry films who have been featured in other international film festivals such as “The Science of Fictions” (2019), “Tak Ada yang Gila di Kota ini” (2019), and “Bura” (2019).

Other than film programs, JAFF also offers other programs that focus on filmmaking and film developing programs. These programs are divided into JAFF Education workshops, Public Lecture, and presentation program, as well as Community Forum.

The celebration of Asian Pacific cinema in JAFF 14 ‘Revival’ will be held for five days and focusing its screening in Empire XXI Yogyakarta and non-screening in LPP Yogyakarta and Horison Hotel Yogyakarta. The ticket can be purchased by buying Sahabat Hanoman (Free Pass Ticket) and on the spot ticket at Empire XXI Yogyakarta everyday starting from 9AM. (2019)

Official information regarding JAFF 14 ‘Revival’ can be accessed through the social media channel of JAFF @jaffjogja and the official website of JAFF www.jaff-filmfest.org.