It’s finally time for the prestigious Taiwanese Award Ceremony “Golden Horse Awards” (23rd November 2019) and this is year the event is heavily influenced by the the snowballing effect of director Fu Yue’s cry for independence during her acceptance speech for the documentary “Our Youth In Taiwan” at last year’s edition. The statement caused a stir, ended with China boycotting the Golden Horse and Hong Kong directors being advised to stay away.

On the other hand, (or better on the other side on the Taiwan Strait, in Xiamen) China’s Golden Rooster Awards has just opened and announced that from now on it will be held permanently in Xiamen and annually, instead of every two years. Therefore the two events will happened almost at the same time.

The  “Golden Horse Awards” lineup is consequently “different” this year and – to stay positive – Taiwanese film-makers will have a greater chance to showcase their work and be awarded.

Leading the competition is the horror movie “Detention” with 12 nominations, including Best Film, Best New Director and Best Actress.

But let’s have a look at the main categories (you can find the whole list of nominations on the Official Website)

TSENG Jing-hua in “Detention” by John HSU

Best Narrative Feature
A Sun
Suk Suk
The Garden of Evening Mists
Wet Season

Best Director
CHUNG Mong-hong (A Sun)
Tom LIN Shu-yu (The Garden of Evening Mists)
Anthony CHEN (Wet Season)
CHANG Tso-chi (Synapses)
Midi Z (Nina Wu)

Best Documentary
The Tree Remembers by LAU Kek-huat
Your Face by TSAI Ming-liang
The Good Daughter by WU Yu-ying
Bamboo Theatre by CHEUK Cheung
Last Year When the Train Passed by by HUANG Pang-chuan

“A Sun” by CHUNG Mong-hong

Best Leading Actor
WU Chien-ho (A Sun)
CHEN Yi-wen (A Sun)
Tai Bo (Suk Suk)
Ben YUEN (Suk Suk)
CHU Pak-hong (My Prince Edward)

Best Leading Actress
Samantha KO (A Sun)
LEE Sinje (The Garden of Evening Mists)
YEO Yann-yann (Wet Season)
LU Hsueh-feng (Synapses)
Gingle WANG (Detention)

Best Supporting Actor
LIU Kuan-ting (A Sun)
TUAN Chun-hao (We Are Champions)
KOH Jia-ler (Wet Season)
YANG Shi-bin (Wet Season)
LI Ying-chuan (Synapses)

Best Supporting Actress
YAO Yi-ti (The Gangs, The Oscars, and The Walking Dead)
WEN Chen-ling (A Sun)
Patra AU Ga-man (Suk Suk)
LU Yi-ching (3 Days 2 Nights)
Winnie CHANG (The Teacher)

“Suk Suk” by Ray Yeung

Best New Director
LAU Kek-huat, Vera CHEN (Boluomi)
HUNG Tzu-hsuan (The Scoundrels)
HSU Chia-kai (The Last Thieves)
John HSU (Detention)
WONG Yee-lam (My Prince Edward)

Best New Performer
YUAN Teng (The Paradise)
TSAI Jia-yin (Heavy Craving)
Fandy FAN (We Are Champions)
Oscar CHIU (The Teacher)
TSENG Jing-hua (Detention)

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