“Creating a stimulating platform that brings together filmmakers, scholars and the public in order to encourage crucial dialogue regarding Palestine’s film industry, its culture and its politics.”

The London Palestine Film Festival (LPFF) 2019 will run in London from 15 to 30 November, in partnership with The Barbican, Curzon Soho, Institute Of Contemporary Arts (ICA), The Rio, The Tabernacle, Soas and P21 Gallery.

The Festival is proud to open its 2019 edition with the long-awaited, and now Cannes Awarded ‘Special Mention’, film “It Must Be Heaven”, by the honourable filmmaker, Elia Suleiman. The film was also selected as the Palestinian entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 92nd Academy Awards.


It Must Be Heaven

Opening Night:
It Must Be Heaven (2019 l Elia Suleiman l 97’)
LPFF 2019 is proud to open with this long-awaited film from director Elia Suleiman.
Friday 15th November – Barbican @ 8:45pm

Family Affairs: Drama Shorts from Palestine and its Diaspora
‘Family Affairs’ brings us 6 short films about distance, loss and lineage by Palestinian makers within and outside of the country.
Saturday 16th November – ICA @ 4:00pm

Samouni Road (2018 l Stefano Savona l 128’)
Samouni Road conveys a deep, multifaceted portrait of a family before, during and after the tragic event that changed its life forever.
Saturday 16th November – ICA @ 6:00pm

Stranger At Home + Q&A (1985 l Rudolf Van Der Berg l 93’)
This rare screening, in its original 16mm format, is a special event in honour of the revered luminary, Kamal Boullata, who sadly passed away this year.
Sunday 17th November – Barbican @ 5:30pm

What Walaa Wants

What Walaa Wants + Q&A (2018 l Christy Garland l 90’)
Shot over five years, this coming-of-age story sees Walaa shape out of her troubled teens and into a more determined and focused adulthood.
Monday 18th November – Curzon @ 6:30pm

Women of the Revolution + Q&A
The Void Project and LPFF, co-present two newly restored films by women of the Palestine Film Unit (PFU).
Tuesday 19th November – ICA @ 6:30pm

Chronicle of a Disappearance (1996 l Elia Suleiman l 84’)
Elia Suleiman moves between the role of character and spectator, mediator and narrator, in this 1996 classic which gained him acclaimed fame.
Wedbesday 20th November – Rio @ 6:30pm

States of Being: Experimental Reflections on Place and Memory
This curated selection of Palestinian shorts explores sci-fi themes through experimenta.
Thursday 21st November – Barbican @ 8:45pm

Villa Touma (2014 l Suha Arraf l 85’)
This strikingly designed fiction about three sisters in a time warp changed the face of the Palestinian film industry.
Friday 22nd November – ICA @ 9:10pm

Killing in Umm AlHiran: The Long Duration of a Split Second
This exclusive live presentation will allow audiences to see Forensic Architecture’s Turner Prize-nominated (2018) investigation unfold in front of them, explained live
Saturday 23rd November – ICA @ 4:00pm


Gaza (2019 l Gary Keane and Andrew McConnell l 90’)
This feature documentary is Ireland’s official entry for the Oscars’ Best International Feature Film category at the upcoming 92nd annual Academy Awards.
Sunday 24th November – Curzon @ 2:30pm

All This Victory (2019 l Ahmad Ghossein l 93’)
In 2006, the south and other parts of Lebanon faced a war with Israeli forces, this fiction recalls one family’s reality-based experience.
Monday 25th November – Curzon @ 6:30pm

The Judge (2017 l Erika Cohn l 81’)
A rare insight into Shari’a law through the eyes of an empowered female lawyer, fighting for justice for the women of her community.
Tuesday 26th November – Curzon @ 6:30pm

Archiving Palestine – panel discussion
The LPFF and The Void Project co-present this discussion, introducing the two organisations’ combined efforts towards the preservation of historical films.
Wednesday 27th November – P21 Gallery

Broken + Q&A (2018 l Mohamed Alatar l 52’)
Broken is a filmmaker’s journey across three continents, attempting to find answers.
Thursday 28th November – SOAS @ 7:30pm

Flying Paper (2014 l Roger Hill l 52’)
Followed with special presentations
LPFF and HOPING Foundation co-present this special Day of International Solidarity with the Palestinian with cinema, poetry and more.
Friday 29th November – The Tabernacle @ 7:30PM

The Journey of the Others

The Journey of the Others (2019 l Jaime Villareal l 74’)
In the main hall of the Freedom Theater, a group of brave actors rehearse a play, risking their lives in order to fulfill a dream.
Saturday 30th November – SOAS @ 2:00pm

Real Palestine: Non-Fiction Shorts
This selection of 5 short films relay effective and important stories about a country under occupation.
Saturday 30th November – SOAS @ 4:00pm

The Native and the Refugee (2016 l Matt Peterson & Malek Rasamny l 120’)
The Native and the Refugee is an exclusive live discussion, punctuated by multi-media project profiling the spaces of the Indian reservations across North America and Palestinian refugee camps of Lebanon.
Saturday 30th November – SOAS @ 5:30pm

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