Discover the top 10 college flicks that every college student can relate to: party, romance, attraction, and everything they did.

Top 10 Movies on College Life 

College life is one of the most cherished moments in the life of a person. Like two sides of a coin, one pertains to the boring academics and the other, to the fun and frolic. Bunking colleges and going to watch movies is what every student did in his or her life.

And, of course, a lot of these flicks told about college life, connected with all the fun, range of emotions, and the nitty-gritty things you might have done with your friends. Below we gathered, with the help from ProHighGrades specialists, the top ten college movies that will make you nostalgic about your time at the campus and also keep you entertained. 

The Social Network

One of the most dramatic and compelling biographical drama, ‘The Social Network’ is a story about the beginning of the extremely popular social network, Facebook. Based on true incidents and inspired by the book ‘The Accidental Billionaires’ of Ben Mezrich, this story showcases the real-life story of Mark Zuckerberg. The film is all about a college campus, friends, enemies, lawsuits, a unique idea, and life at Harvard, one of the best universities in the world.

The Theory of Everything

‘The Theory of Everything’ is a biographical and romantic drama movie that highlights the value of education, campus fun and tells an intriguing story about the life of world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. This inspirational flick shows his life, struggle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and his success and contribution to the world of physics. It is a very emotional movie that highlights the importance of college life, romance, and success. 

Pitch Perfect

Spotting the importance of teamwork and friends, this campus life movie is about pop tunes and tawdry choreography. The protagonists are mostly girls, and this ‘chick flick’ movie is a musical comedy portrayed by an ensemble of actors who add life to the entire story. The plot of this movie revolves around Beca Mitchel played by Anna Kendrick, who is forced to join the Barden University by her father who is also a professor there. With a dream of making it big as a music producer in Los Angeles, Beca takes up an internship and spends most of her time making music. The conclusion of the story is amazing, as the Barden University which suffered humiliation at ‘a capella’, ends up winning the competition six months later, by performing on the song arranged by Bella. 


A movie based on the life of Daniel Ruettiger, who is also known as Rudy, is the journey of an underdog who harbored a dream, crossed various obstacles, and accomplished his goal of playing football at Notre Dame. The movie is a visual treat for all sports and movie lovers as the motivational story wins the hearts of the audience. 

A Beautiful Mind

While talking about top college movies, the list will definitely be incomplete without ‘A Beautiful Mind’. Based on true events, this story portrays the story of an accomplished mathematical genius John Nash who won a Nobel Prize for his contribution towards economics. It is about how John Nash overcomes his problem of paranoid schizophrenia and how he emerges from the problems of this trauma. 

Legally Blonde

Released in 2001, ‘Legally Blonde’ is based on the novel written by Amanda Brown. The plot is quite hilarious and intriguing: a young blonde girl Elle is dumped by her boyfriend Warner Huntington III who is also the son of the governor. Warner wants to join Harvard Law School with a plan to become a successful politician in the near future and thinks that he deserves a smarter girl as Elle is not smart or serious enough for that type of life. In order to teach Warner a lesson, the fashion merchandising student decides to win him back and seeks admission in the same college by scoring an appreciable grade good enough to earn a place at Harvard Law School. The story which develops from here is really wonderful and makes it a must-see college movie.

Old School

An American comedy film, released in 2003, is about three protagonists, Mitch, Frank, and Beanie. The three were not happy with their personal lives and wanted to relive their insane and wild college parties. Mitch got cheated by his girlfriend Heidi, Beanie wants to relive his crazy days during college, and then formal party animal Frank who gets married doesn’t want to shred his wildlife and that is when they decide to start a fraternity in Mitch’s new house close to their college. Mitch’s new house turns up into a wild party place, and the plot takes an exciting turn from here. 


The story is about a student who after being denied admission by all colleges decides to start up with his own fake institution for students similar to him at a neglected property near his house. With the introduction of specific subjects or courses loved by the students and with the new conventional teaching methods that allow students to learn and grow in their chosen field. This movie shows that academics is not the only means to be accepted by society, and that talent can also lead to the path of success. 

Higher Learning

‘Higher Learning’ is a film based on three freshmen who join Columbus University with a dream to excel in academics and how they find themselves in the middle of unpleasant issues like racial discrimination. 


Hailed as one of the top college movies, ‘Drumline’ is a beautiful story about a drummer and his life at Southern University. The movie is compelling as it highlights the struggle of a street drummer to lead his marching band on the path of success, popularity, and victory.