Japanese Director Daisuke Sato’s latest project “Howl From Beyond The Fog” has recently been completed. The film, which is loosely based on the story from Ray Bradbury, takes a unique approach to the Kaiju genre by utilizing puppets in place of actors. The monster known as “Nebula”, was designed by legendary creator Keizo Murase. Murase is best known for his work in the Godzilla series, as well as creating such icons as Gamera, Varan and Titanosaurus (To name a few).

The production was announced completed via the Kickstarter page on November, 20th, with news of physical copies being shipped to backers. With information on a wider release pending, a trailer was previously made available, which can be viewed below.


“Howl from beyond the fog” is set during the Meiji reformation era in a small village in Kyushu, Japan. The story revolves around a young boy named Izana and a blind woman named Takiri, the two encounter the large monster Nebula who since ancient times was feared as the god of lake Amenosagiri. (official)