Iconic Japanese horror director Takashi Shimizu (“Ju-on: the Grudge”, “Marebito“, “The Shock Labyrinth”) has completed production on his most recent film “Howling Village”. The movie marks the 21st film from the director who helped pioneer modern Asian horror cinema here in the west.

“Howling Village” is set to release on February 7, 2020. A trailer for the production was recently made available and can be viewed below.


Inunaki Village, located in Fukuoka Prefecture, also called ‘Howling Village’. A psychiatrist, Kanade Morita, has a sixth sense which has caused her constant suffering. One day, her older brother Yuma and his girlfriend Akina visit Inunaki for the purpose of testing their own courage. They end up almost killed, and Akina seems to have lost her sanity. Yuma consults with Kanade in an effort to find the reasons for Akina’s condition. Soon afterwards, Akina commits suicide. Yuma takes a few friends back to the village. Not only does Yuma end up missing but his friends meet mysterious deaths in a telephone box near the village. Located beyond a tunnel with a sealed exit, the village is supposed to have been eradicated by the construction of a dam. Kanade begins to realize that her ancestors may be the reason for the incidents occurring around her. Amidst all this, a mysterious man seems to be the key to unraveling the history and tragedy of the village.. (Toei International Sales)

Hello, my name is Adam Symchuk and I am from Canada. It was during my teenage years that I became fascinated with Japanese film, in particular, exploitation and horror. I carried my fascination with the genre with me as an adult and began to grow a deeper appreciation in various genres from Japan, Korea, Thailand, and China. I hope to grow my knowledge of film across Asia and will continue to explore this through my reviews.