Once again, Ma Dong-seok looks to be finishing his year strong. Where last year he had two films, “The Villagers” and “Unstoppable” in November last year, this year he has two films releasing yet again in the month of December. Along with “Ashfall“, he will also be seen director Choi Jeong-yeol’s coming-op-age comedy “Start-Up”.


Taek-il recklessly leaves home, defying his mother who asks him to go to college. In the unfamiliar neighborhood, he happens to get a job as a delivery man for a Chinese restaurant, where he mingles with new people such as Geo-seok, a chef, and Kyung-ju, a boxer. Meanwhile, Sang-pil, a friend of Taek-il, enters the private loan business to make money.At first, it seems easy to make a big fortune, but soon he finds himself in pain as he faces unexpected things. The two boys in stormy period are becoming real adults as they experience a world that doesn’t go their way.

The film is based on the webcomic “Shidong”. Choi Jeong-yeol is no stranger to directing young actors, having made his successful debut with the drama “One Way Trip” which featured a cast of young actors. “Start-Up” stars Park Jung-min (“Tazza: One-Eyed Jack“) as Taek-il, rising star Jung Hae-in (“Tune In for Love“) as Sang-pil and Ma Dong-seok as Geo-seok as well as actress Yum Jung-ah (“Another Child“) as Taek-il’s mother. It is also refreshing to note that both “Ashfall” and “Start-Up” seem to be a departure from the sort of roles that Ma Dong-seok has been typecast in for a while now. “Start-Up” releases in December, 2019.