Upon learning his beloved is missing, a man and his friend set out on a journey to find her.

This one was okay enough for what it was. The setup involving the search for Arvi gets the short going quickly, forcing a breakneck pace from Manjunath in the economical approach to detailing the relationship to prompt the search out in the countryside. This is handled in a fun, lighthearted montage that highlights the past they shared in fine contrast to the thrilling, frantic tone of his search. This enhances the urgency and immediacy of the need to recover her, which gives the search the suspense it needs.

However, the end result of the search is a massive twist that comes off as a cheat. Once we realize the twist in the search and what the actual point is, it turns the purpose of this journey into a one-note joke which is a little frustrating. It becomes obvious in retrospect, once we remember the events of the flashback which signal where it’s going. This is still a fine reveal as Manjunath crafts a compelling story to hide where it’s going but the manner of the reveal ends this on a whimper, compared to the build-up before it.

Crafted around an intriguing mystery and solid technical craftsmanship, there’s plenty to like about “ARVI: An Incredible Bond.” While it is let down slightly by the finale, this isn’t detrimental in the slightest with all the other positive aspects to appreciate.