Japanese Director Takashi Tsuchiya background in commercial work, most notably music videos, has lead to his first feature length film “Flowers and Rain”. The movie is based on the autobiography from rapper “Seeda”, and chronicles the musicians struggles in finding identity through his music.

“Flowers and Rain” is set for release on January, 17 2020 through Phantom Film. A trailer was recently made available and can be viewed below.


Yoshida, who spent his childhood in London, was living in high school without being familiar with the obstructive Japanese atmosphere. For Yoshida, who is gradually getting away from school, only HIP HOP was his base. With the promise of her sister, Mari, who wants to be active overseas, I will devote myself to practice and activities to stand alone as an artist. However, when he first found his whereabouts, he seized the opportunity and was betrayed and gradually lost his sight as he was exposed to the rigors of reality. And a tragedy will come as if to overtake. If this is the case, I will lose. Yoshida stands up as a rapper and one person to overcome reality… (Official)

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