Japanese director Yuki Kashigawa debut film “Kentaro” is nearing completion, with the project currently in post-production. Kashigawa, comes from a background in theater and music production, with his first film gearing towards celebrating the various creative elements within his background. You can read the film’s mission statement as well as crew bios over at the official page.

Having recently reached its crowdfunding goal, “Kentaro” is set for its first screening on December 9th. A trailer was recently made available and can be viewed below.


The Saito family, a family of four living in a house on the edge of a certain town. There is a red stranger, Kentaro, who has no blood connection. The Saito family who worships him rather than scolds him, and Kentaro, who relentlessly misbehaves. One day he was cracked in his daily life, but he suddenly “disappeared”. Who is he? What is his purpose? When you arrive at one “truth”, you can see an unimaginable “despair”.

A non-stop horror suspense short story that draws a whistle to us living in the present age by depicting the daily life broken through an accident and the negative emotions of people who cross intricately. (official)

Hello, my name is Adam Symchuk and I am from Canada. It was during my teenage years that I became fascinated with Japanese film, in particular, exploitation and horror. I carried my fascination with the genre with me as an adult and began to grow a deeper appreciation in various genres from Japan, Korea, Thailand, and China. I hope to grow my knowledge of film across Asia and will continue to explore this through my reviews.