After “I Won’t Hurt You“, another animals themed film is also getting ready for release in January, 2020, as we get our first look at the Lee Sung-min starring “Mr. Zoo”.


Joo Tae-joo is a skilled agent from the National Intelligence Service with a super promotion coming up! His secret to a perfect record is that he can hear animals?! Joo Tae-joo sets out with military canine Ali, who has the decisive clue to resolving an incident that threatens national security. Charismatic director Min Soo-hee and agent Jo Man-sik are out to help them. Will this team play work out?

Kim Tae-yoon changes genre drastically after his last mystery film “New Trial”, with “Mr. Zoo” being a comedy drama. Lee Sung-min is set to open 2020 with a bang, with this and “The Man Standing Next“, in which he plays assassinated President Park Chung-hee of South Korea, both releasing in January. “Mr. Zoo” also stars Kim Seo-hyung (“The Villainess“) and Bae Jung-nam (“Master”), while Shin Ha-kyun is also present to voice Ali, the canine. The film is set to release in January, 2020.