Actress Ra Mi-ran has taken quite the leap from supporting roles to leading roles of late. After impressing in last year’s female buddy-cop action comedy “Miss and Mrs. Cops“, she will now take the leading role in director Chang You-jeong’s latest film “An Honest Candidate”.


A comedy about a third term congresswoman named Joo Sang-sook who is an expert liar, but one day can’t lie anymore, with only a day to go before the elections.

Chang You-jeong is no stranger to comedy, with her previous two films being the Gong Yoo and Im Soo-jung starring “Finding Mr. Destiny” and the Ma Dong-seok, Lee Ha-nee and Lee Dok-hwi starring “The Bros”. “An Honest Candidate” also stars Kim Moo-yeol, who was last seen this year in “The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil” as the titular cop, and “Miss Granny” Na Moon-hee. It is scheduled to release in February, 2020.