Life is a quest for the unknown. And as William Shakespeare says, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players”, sometimes the quest is for the perfect role on the platform of life. “Binisutoy” is a movie of two characters who are in search of that role which has all desirable elements, qualities or characteristics. They perform on the great canvas called life as actors to satisfy their inner soul and to connect with the ultimate thread of peace – love!

Kajal Sarkar (Ritwick Chakraborty) meets Sraboni Barua (Jaya Ahsan) while attending an audition of a reality show. While leaving the show, Sraboni faces a freak accident and Kajal helps her and takes her to the doctor. They become friends and with time share two stories from their lives. The narrative flows along the journey of two strangers with some intriguing twists and turns with the aura of a quest to touch the core of the unknown.

“Binisutoy” is Jaya Ahsan’s second movie with Atanu Ghosh and she is just outstanding as Sraboni. Jaya is one of the best actors of recent time and her strength has been always the perfect facial expressions which have been brilliantly captured by the director in this movie. She speaks Bengali with a Bangladeshi accent (slightly different from Indian Bengali) but that suits the character of Sraboni who is an Assamese in this movie.  Ritwick Chakraborty is flawless as Kajal and his effortless acting always steals the show. Samontak Dyauti Maitra and Chandrayee Ghosh are excellent as per the narrative. The movie is brilliantly edited by Sujay Datta Ray and aesthetically cinematographed by Appu Prabhakar. Debojyoti Mishra is classy as always and composes some beautiful numbers, brilliantly rendered by Rupankar Baghchi and Iman Chakraborty.

“Binisujoy” has a unique and unusual storyline that has been aesthetically handled by Atanu Ghosh. The movie has some outstanding detailing and brilliant pacing that blend perfectly with the narrative. The inquisitive nature of human mind and the strive of two lonesome souls to portray their wishes as actors on the canvas of life has been masterly crafted by the director. And the amazing story of two strangers continues where a handkerchief portrays the baton of the love thread.  Kudos to Atanu Ghosh and the entire team of “Binisutoy” for crafting out such a sensitive and thought-provoking movie with a never before told narrative.